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    RA1 = Classic

    I posted this on another C&C forums Thought RA2/YR is excellent. Brilliant atmopshere. It lost the typical RA1 atmosphere. the original C&C/RA was just unbeatable i just installed it again with the expansions. superb game. The story is much better than current titles *Cough* ZH lookuing back now, the only flow in RA is the building methods If they updated those building methods, would have been better. nevertheless, fantastic game
  2. Crystal_sword

    Which Religion Is Best For You?

    Islam is the fastest growing religion. im not suprised, since many of yoiu seem to be sane, and getting top marks for Islam :wink:
  3. Crystal_sword

    Can you sayparticle cannons?

    wow. niec stuff. like the giant Partical cannon. and lol at the human barrage. though why slaves? should try bomb trucks or overload tanks. or better yet. Colnel burton
  4. Crystal_sword

    has this game been overdone?

    yeah i agree. But its like the "London Bombings" I think like only a short percentage like 6% (in UK) even dont comndem the 7/7 attacks. and the rest do? well? i would say much more Americans have done or have the potential to do more terrorist acts. well why dont we make a game against US Rednecks?
  5. Crystal_sword

    has this game been overdone?

    This is exactley why i get ticked off. Dude, have u ever sat down and taken the time to actually ask muslims? These people are not fighting for the fun of it as they seem to be in ZH. USA has screwed over the Arab countries one time ot many. and the poloticions of these countries are not doing nothing about it because they cant. and these people, who are ticked off because they lost everything. are fighting back against Americans. i mean use ya logic. They supported Israel. And Today ISrael is taking more and more land. ILLEGALY. and USA is still supporting them? I thought USA stood for freedom and for equality? what their doing in Palestine is Hypocrytical. and its dumb of you to not even see that. Try playing "Google.com" and search for what USA have done to Arab countries. the Sanctions imposed on them. Bombing the **** outta them. and you are soo shocked when a few people fight back. amount of people USA have killed who are non-combatents is unbelievable. so dont go acting as if USA are the victims here. they have been at war with so many countries. count them and you will be suprised
  6. Crystal_sword

    has this game been overdone?

    yea whatever. Thats all the US media potray muskiums at isn't it? i mean Osama did this. so they attack these countries. And you call it Islamic xtremism when there is Resistance. WEL OF COURSE THERE IS RESISTANCE GENIOUS AMERICANS. its called logic. you bomb a country to bits dont expect people to be mad. All The media does is lie about their enmies. i have Asked Muslims guys about "Jihad". and its nothing like what the Media potray it as. use ya head. "muslims" did not attack USA. USA attacked them. and look at the excuses they gave. ALL NONESENSE!!
  7. Crystal_sword

    has this game been overdone?

    obviously the world is sick of the "War on Terror". Even soldiers dont believe it anymore. And i think EA stepped to far by combating "terror". because real life. its nothing like Zero Hour. All it is, is that USA is bombing like a group of 4 insurgents with HEAVY AIRCRAFT. and the plot in ZH. LMFAO!!!!!!!! i liked it at first. but the Generals of GLA. soo streotypical. i mean we got the point GLA are bad guys. but wtf is the point of potraying them like that? end of day even in real life. Osama Bin Laden still stands for something reasonable. and that is for US to stop funding Anti-Islamic fronts. Such as Israeli army. and for USA to stop sticking tis nose into everyones elses buisness for its own intrest. ZH killed the idea of a freedom force. it makes them to be some kind of blood thirsty killers. seriously. its just kinda lame. if Anything it should be GLA and USA V China. i was really shocked at how the men had beards. Are they supposed to be Muslims? It Should be the US soldiers are the evil dudes. after all their the ones abusing people in the POW camps. :roll:
  8. Crystal_sword

    Wierd thingz i saw in some games

    how do you transfer Blue Prints. never come across such a thing in my life
  9. i really doubt there will be another C&C game