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  1. I'm tired of playing RA2 and Yuri's and Zero Hour... Noone will ever be like good old RA. But I can't get it anywhere, there are so few stores here... I read somewhere that there are version of the game without the movies or something like that, that can be downloaded but can't find it.-..
  2. @grevious: how do I do that? I couldn't find any walkthrough or something alike. @madbadger: where do I find that AI or mod? the one that I downloaded around are all the same: AI building walls and getting stucked in their own bases, etc., Others mods add more units or make them shoot further or some such but no 'inteligence' on AI...
  3. I just started to play this game again after few years because I love all C&C saga, (well, when the game was owned by Westwood Studios), so when I started to play skirmish games I remembered how poor the AI was, so I searched and downloaded some mods around (AIboost and some more related) but none of them seemed to work, in fact, there was just one (a file called expand01.mix) but I wanted to edit the starting money and stoped to work, I changed the file to the originanl but the AI kept dumb... Is there any file around that improves the AI without those mods that adds new units or shoots weapon further or are too insane? This one was great because makes the AI to stop build those stupid walls around their base and makes more challenging. If isn't any, how/what should I edit to make AI more challenging? Thanks. Best regards.