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  1. The Chunk Monster

    Who do you think would win?

    People seem to like the bad guys more... so who do you think would win out of the bad guys...?
  2. The Chunk Monster

    C&C 10 Arrives!! | 29/08/2005

    And I will say you spelled "speelled" wrong ...is it me, or did I register just in time? Ten years... awesome...
  3. The Chunk Monster

    Image Uploader Now Available

    Where do the images go?
  4. The Chunk Monster

    Quick tip on Fenring AI

    Great, now you have me curious as to what you said...
  5. The Chunk Monster

    Buaaa! I am the chunk monster!

    Haha. I am new here... Oh, and "The Hypnotist" (my big brother) told me to tell the admins not to delete multiple accounts on the same IP adress for the both of us if you don't mind (unless we break rules), cause we use the same comp...
  6. The Chunk Monster


    you can find hell's march anywhere if you search on google. I did before myself.
  7. The Chunk Monster

    C&C 10 Arrives!! | 29/08/2005

    Woooo! Party on!
  8. The Chunk Monster

    Best CnC Team of all time

    What? I didn't get that last part... who would win? Nod or Soviets? Better yet, maybe I will start a poll on that...
  9. The Chunk Monster

    Why i don't go tanning

    Aww... I hate sunburns... I had this big sunburn which made my nose start to peel, and I got it just 2 days before picture day... It sucked... my picture made me look like I had just been beaten up by someone...
  10. The Chunk Monster

    Zee Instant Messager thread

    I use AIM and MSNM but I only give it to like 5 people and that's it...
  11. The Chunk Monster

    10 Years On: Windows 95 Remembered

    Jeez, this isn't fair... All this happened right before I was born... I can't even celebrate EXACTLY ten years of CnC either... cause I missed one...
  12. The Chunk Monster

    If this was possible

    Well, yeah, it was, but what are robots going to do? Attack, and be attacked by robots? It would just be a waste of money, and a waste of metal...
  13. The Chunk Monster

    Buaaa! I am the chunk monster!

    I am only good at Skirmish missions where there is lots of money... otherwize I suck. Especially online.
  14. The Chunk Monster

    TibEd.net redesign

    Wow. I didn't understand any of that... I like your design though... I think there should still be some of a shade of blue somewhere, to put a futuristic detail in it.
  15. The Chunk Monster

    If this was possible

    Leave it to my brother to come up with an Idea as stupid as building robots to kill each other, just like the tv shows...
  16. Haha... I get it... easter eggs... lol
  17. The Chunk Monster

    The Worst Game Of All Time?

    Oh, and of course we all hate the CnC series...NOT!
  18. The Chunk Monster

    Comand and Conquer Gold

    How do you get fired from something like that? Did u suddenly turn good?
  19. The Chunk Monster


    He looks mighty familiar...
  20. The Chunk Monster

    Buaaa! I am the chunk monster!

    Well, I'm a good little boy! I think... how bad is madbadger? All I see is bad punctuation and spelling mistakes!