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  1. Rusty Le Cyborg

    GIF compression tips...

    Have you tried reducing the colours? Attach it with image tags here and someone will fix it for you. Cheers for now
  2. Rusty Le Cyborg

    Worst C&C game in the universe?

    Renegade... and most definitely NOT Sole Survivor... Cheers for now
  3. Rusty Le Cyborg

    When you get old..

    What do you mean by WE? I'm nearly 42... I've been gaming since the first video games and computers... and still do. (That's home computers of course! I'm not THAT old) :cnc3: Cheers for now
  4. Rusty Le Cyborg

    Battlefield 2142

    It seems the EA have released another teaser movie for BF2142... I think I might like this one as it's looking prett cool... and most definitely CnC-ish. http://www.bf2142.se/ Cheers for now
  5. Rusty Le Cyborg

    Kane Lives....

    Ah... never thought of that :cnc3: Cheers for now
  6. Rusty Le Cyborg

    Kane Lives....

    This may be very old news, but I've only just heard about it! If you have the XBox (or PS2) game Pirates - The Legend Of Black Kat (which was developed by Westwood of course) you can enter a "cheat" which gives you Kane as an Icon on your screen Cheers for now
  7. Rusty Le Cyborg

    CnC Sole Survivor

    It was... Cheers for now
  8. Rusty Le Cyborg

    Why Complain!?

    A bit dull, but hey... Cheers for now
  9. Rusty Le Cyborg

    underrated games

    Well, if the music is not really up to "C and C standards" I'm sure some enterprising individual <cough> will make a pack of classic Frank music for it Cheers for now
  10. Rusty Le Cyborg

    underrated games

    Well.... I'm afraid I have to say Sole Survivor. Usually slagged off a lot by people that weren't playing it in it's all too brief life and then dropped like a hot poop by EA Hmm... I wonder if APOC would let me have the server files for it... I'd host one no danger! Cheers for now
  11. Rusty Le Cyborg


    Hmmm.... that could possibly pertain to me I'm 42 in July !! w00t!! <cough> <cough> "Bloody kids these days..." Blah blah... Cheers for now
  12. Rusty Le Cyborg

    Mobile/Cell phones... (What one have you got?)

    Mine... Motorola E1 ROKR... iTunes ftw!! Cheers for now
  13. Rusty Le Cyborg

    Messing about with C&C:TFD

    Luk3us.. you just have no taste Sole Survivor rocked!! Mind you, they buggered up the MP on CnC and RA so I suppose a MP only game had no chance on TFD... Cheers for now
  14. Rusty Le Cyborg

    Messing about with C&C:TFD

    Hmm... but it'd be nice to know WHY they made the error... perhaps there was something else slated for release with the pack...who knows? Cheers for now
  15. Rusty Le Cyborg

    Other Games?

    Counterstrike - Condition Zero Any Half Life and Half Life 2 games... Umm.... and a boardgame called Talisman Cheers for now