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  1. ah, i understand its just, why not make tibed 2 as easy as tibed 1? ( im not asking for a flame) i made great mods with tibed but i can barely understand tibed 2!
  2. can't create/rename teams?! that's obsurd! ive seen mods create new teams all the time! and how come u dont know how to creae colors?! you made it!
  3. 1. how do i create a new team, if not possible just tell me how to rename a current team 2. how do i create generals for that team (i want 5 generals for this team) 3. how do i transfer units/keep this teams unit page empty (no current units just new 1s 4. how do i create a new color? 5. how do i select music for this team? 6. ( if possible) make it so that on the internet your opponent doesnt need this mod for me to play as this team? now answer these FAST im getting frusterated! (u dont need to answer all of them)
  4. Niroth

    Cloning Objects

    :?: can u tell me (if you can) how to clone/create a new general and change the name of a team or general????