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  1. Yuri in training

    Adding Voxels to RA2...

    Okay, so i don't know how to add voxels to RA2... And give them to units... And add them to the art.ini. God damn, i know nothing about adding voxels. Help please.
  2. Yuri in training

    Cloning Objects

    :shot: hmmm, useful......
  3. Please help, if there isn't.. I understand.
  4. I need to make triggers for... Patrols Winning mission objective Failing mission objective how do i do it?
  5. I really wish they could re-release C&C dawn with a skirmish mode..... :shot:
  6. Yuri in training

    many problems resulting in same error

    Sure you're not making TOO MANY new weapons? :?: