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    any where firefox is not or antioch,ill and im a cant speller
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    FIRE FOX.....

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  1. the page http://www.cncnz.com/files/cnc3/desktop.php works but when you click on some thing it says (This ID doesn't exist!) make that notheing works for me ..... i have firefox and nothing is working for me.... Posts merged. ~DD
  2. fire_fox_1990

    New units you wanna see

    bahamut the sky fortrice
  3. fire_fox_1990

    Renegade X - Tiberium Wallpaper

    nice... looks good...want to play it all redy
  4. fire_fox_1990

    Red Alert 3 Fan Art

    nice.... good job
  5. fire_fox_1990

    Now Playing - Music

    Serj Tankian-Empty Walls yea finetune.com baby....
  6. fire_fox_1990


    haarrrooooooo..... im back glory to the mother land!!!!!!!!! HA LA HA LA lol ooo yea and before i for get hello......................................................................
  7. fire_fox_1990

    airbust weapon for projectiles

    sunedit 2k is in its finel stage they finist it and for got to remove it...
  8. fire_fox_1990


    get faster internet or make the conetcin the sloest if that dosent help i dont know...
  9. fire_fox_1990

    Red Alert 1 - Windows 2000 problems.

    after instaling c&c red alert aftermath, try playing it without dos it should work aftermath comes with a patch wen it gets instaled, try 95
  10. fire_fox_1990


    ok u want 2 sea all of the things i can do not trying hay do u lol i tryed to not spell right
  11. fire_fox_1990

    Danish Muslims wish to sue for cartoons

    south park had a episode ware family guy shoded it and people were freeking out over it ,it was funny
  12. fire_fox_1990


    hi im joe whats your name and do you play on line at all and if you do whats your online name and Fenring this is for you no spelling mistakes<---- dont no how to spell this google helped
  13. fire_fox_1990

    On an Island

    i dont like any thing I.E. it got hacked and now i have fire fox <come on its in my name>
  14. fire_fox_1990

    On an Island

    i think i herd of him but i dont no