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    Cant find gate

    In fact, in tibed ra2, the gate isnt listed at all. There is no gate = yes or anything for any item. So there we are, looks like it doesnt even exist in ra2!! :?
  2. CPLJason

    Cant find gate

    Ok. In RA2 Yuris Revenge, the gate (barrier arm) in tibed is listed as RA2 Guard Border Crossing and only goes 1 way. _______ - only faces like this. However I still cannot find it out in ra2, but thats ok.
  3. CPLJason

    Cant find gate

    Well you were right for the hedgehog, it is CABARR. However none of those are the barrier arm. The CAFNCP is the chainlink prison fence. Any other options?
  4. CPLJason

    Cant find gate

    In Red Alert 2 and Yuris revenge the barrier arm (red and white coloured gate thing) is named gate. However in Tibed I cannot find it at all. I have searched through every building aspect and cannot find it. Also in Yuris revenge, the hedgehog (little metal x, like the one used on d-day) isnt listed under buildings either. If you know what they are called and what section they are listed under in TIBED, please post here. It would help me so much for my mod!