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  1. mastermind

    HaloRTS Mod Officially Restarted

    I should really change my avatar, I haven't worked for EA in nearly a year. However, yes. EA has the rights to all the C&C games.
  2. mastermind

    HaloRTS Mod Officially Restarted

    Correct Incorrect. Microsoft owns Halo, Halo Wars, and everything to do with Halo (more or less anyway). They still very much have the power to send a Cease and Desist to this mod.
  3. Banshee is correct. I now work for Robot Entertainment, and I am working on Age of Empires Online. I probably should change my avatar, but I was just here to drop a reply.
  4. In context, I believe it means still a significant time from release, not a major departure.
  5. Releasing Worldbuilder did require some work (there were certain technologies which are EA internal only which needed to be removed), but mainly the delay was due to the network transfer back-end. It's not strictly necessary for Worldbuilder to have the file transfer system in the game engine, but without it the usefulness of Worldbuilder is significantly diminished. Without map transfer, it becomes very difficult to have any large number of players using a particular map, so supporting map transfer was something that was important to actually releasing Worldbuilder. Therefore, it was decided to make sure that both Worldbuilder and the necessary engine changes were released at the same time, rather than leading with Worldbuilder.
  6. Actually, due to the networking system restructuring (mostly the packet reflector, which means no NAT negotiation or anything like that), we had to rebuild the map transfer support for this game. So, it wasn't just a quick and simple process, there was quite a bit of work involved in getting everything ready.
  7. mastermind

    Worldbuilder Foreign Language Fix

    I made a small typo in the intial posting. The example config file should look like this: set-search-path big:;. add-big MapsCampaign.big add-big MapsMultiplayer.big add-big MapsTutorial.big add-big German.big add-big GermanAudio.big add-big GermanMovieAudio.big add-big Apt.big add-big Terrain.big add-big StaticStream.big add-big GlobalStream.big add-big Libraries.big add-big Shaders.big add-big Misc.big add-big WBData.big
  8. mastermind

    BattleCast Primetime Episode 9 Online

    The video is 720p, which I'm pretty sure qualifies as high definition.
  9. mastermind

    AMD or Intel?

    In general with cache, more is better, but more also requires more transistors, more die space, and produces more head. It's usually a tradeoff. AMD processors use less cache because they have a more efficient, lower latency memory subsystem, so a cache miss isn't as expensive. They also have a shorter pipeline, so things like hyperthreading aren't really needed, as hyperthreading is just a way to try to keep the 20+ state pipeline on a P4 filled. Really, each processor branch is optimized for their strengths, and right now AMD seems to be winning. The Pentium M is a very strong contender, but desktop boards for it are hard to find, and they lack a lot of the features that would be useful like SATA and SLI. Another thing that you do want to be sure of is that the motherboard you want to use will support the processor you're getting. If you really have around $600 to spend on a processor I'd suggest finding an Athlon 64 X2 that goes for around that price. You'll probably lose a little bit of performance in games (it'll be slightly lower clocked than the 4000+) but in areas like desktop responsiveness and CPU intense tasks that can be run in parallel (rendering, etc) you will see massive boosts. The only thing with the X2 is that you have to be sure the motherboard supports it or you may have to flash the BIOS when you first get the board to get it working with dual core.
  10. mastermind

    AMD or Intel?

    The Venice core 4000+ is a rebadged FX-53. They rebadged it when they moved up to the FX-55. A 4200+ would be a rebadged FX-55 at 2.6Ghz. The 4000+ is exactly identical to the FX-53 you'd be getting, except it's cheaper, cooler, and a more advanced core. If you want to waste your money and get a poorer processor, feel free.
  11. mastermind

    AMD or Intel?

    Get a Venice/San Diego core 4000+ rather than the FX-53. Linky
  12. No problem. I just like people to get my school right. I'm sure you understand.
  13. That would be the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, not Michigan. We're in Cambridge, MA.
  14. mastermind

    phpBB Critical Error

    I believe C&C King repaired, and I went ahead and optimized the tables that needed it.
  15. mastermind

    phpBB Critical Error

    I also posted some related info, which should hopefully help if people have problems with missing *.myi files.