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    Don Diablo & Matt Nash - Starlight (Could You Be Mine) [Otto Knows Remix]
  2. Louis EX

    What mobile device do you currently use?

    I'm using this.
  3. After so many years I still can't forget the first forum I joined. Funny that I still have an average of 1.09 posts a day LOL.
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    陽花 - Flower of Life [アンチェインドメロディ]
  5. What program are you using for that sidebar. Google desktop? Stardock Objectbar?
  6. Here's some eye candy for yaw.
  7. Louis EX

    WinAmp vs. iTunes

    Always Winamp. Foobar2000 to convert music files.
  8. Hey..I found fences first!
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    Been playing Heroes of Newerth these past 2 months. I even pre-purchased the game. http://hon.slawed.net/view.php?nick=REDALi...s=View+Stats%21
  10. Louis EX


    Everything just seems to be getting old for me. >.> Its always going back in time again using the time machine crap.
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    supercell feat. 初音ミク - メルト 2M
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    Heroes of Newerth
  13. Hehe indeed Japan is awesome. \o/
  14. Thats some weird res. How the hell do you play games man.
  15. Louis EX

    (RA3 Map Generator)

  16. http://heroesofnewerth.com/ There isn't really a description for this, all I can say if that if you love dota, this is probably the best thing that has ever happened cause it looks freaking sweet. Its totally identical to DoTA, it has all the heroes and has the same map. Only thing is the new graphics <3, voices and sound. More importantly, with this new engine, DoTA can probably go even further in terms of gameplay! And if you have facebook, there's a 49 second gameplay vid: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1123822889063
  17. Louis EX

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    Well...it WAS made an Ex-capcom employee. I guess the guy was trying to bring in something that Street Fighter didn't. Anyway this game is free to download so I'm not going to complain much. Fear the awesome moe 2d fighting japanese game!! D:< Also, for a doujin game, its considered to be top-notch (search google).
  18. Louis EX

    EA: No bases in C&C4

    Ugh, I hope they know what they're doing.
  19. Louis EX

    New dota based game: Heroes of Newerth

    I'm totally hyped on this game.
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    Ed Harrison - Scrap I/O [Neotokyo]
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    New doujin moe 2d fighter just came out, Vanguard Princess. Me playing -->
  22. Louis EX

    Global Agenda

    If its free I'll play it.