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  1. SoulJa

    cant find automatch server

    No. Due to the fact the automatch servers are *****... Quit, re-enter the game and try again...
  2. SoulJa

    Will Yuri make a comeback?

    Errr... it's a new timeline...what have they said that didnt happen with the old timeline... (well before the Soviets killed Einstein) No Yuri... however... Kane?
  3. SoulJa

    Update/Patch problem

    No need to update Generals.... that can be happy vanilla! It is the Options.ini file that is screwing up your game!
  4. SoulJa

    Update/Patch problem

    You got a mod lurking around somewhere? that will screw up an update Also... kill the evil Options.INI file...... Just do it for the sake of it.... MyDocuments/Generals Zero Hour - Its in here somewhere just sitting in the Generals Zero Hour folder.... It's crap basicly....
  5. SoulJa

    how can I slow down ZH Challenge map

    Don't you like the speed? Mean i have noticed it with my P4 3gig and I love it! playing Vs SWG is bloody hardcore!
  6. SoulJa

    anti maphack

    It's all worthless now... A couple of Germans took the Map hack code and removed the [AH] and [DK] code out..... there are map hacks around where [AH] etc gives you no protection.
  7. SoulJa

    Didn't ANYBODY like Generals?

    Meh, I always thought it was another level on the whole psycic thing the fact it looked like a 50's UFO.... But it does make sense that...
  8. SoulJa

    Formatted my comp, and ZH hates me

    Try killing off the Options.ini file in the MyDocuments/Generals folder it gets corrupted easy and affects online play.
  9. SoulJa

    USA/China Online trick

    Is fun that.... Neutron shells are a beatuty
  10. SoulJa

    How does the Hard Army mode works?

    Don't need the 2nd Dozer.... 2 are more than enough.... when the one making the power plant is finished use that one to make the supply as you can't build a supply without a power plant (GLA exempt.... make an extra 3 workers and get them gathering supplys even before the supply is compleated as its quicker than making workers at the depo) As for supply collecters -China- 2-3 trucks depending how close to the supplys you are. 1 extra truck for every gap the size of a command center. -USA- 2 Chinnoks and add an extra one for every gap the size of 3 command centers. -GLA- 'bout 6 workers should do. Make 3 at the command center and 3 at the supply center. Don't need the inf.... maybe crank out some Rebels/Red Guard/GI's to go out and cap oils/reinforcement pads and oil deriks. Make the 2nd power plant after the war factory.... you will have enough power for CC, Supply, Baraks and war from 1 power. USA should upgrade as it's cheeper. Build defences at Choke points Or where you don't have tanks.... IE don't build one right outside ur war factory maybe near your supplys. Choke points = the small passes and ramps to your base could be a whole screen away. Yeah.... Your enemys already got the Oils.... you've missed the 1K first capture bonus and will have to work like a mutha to get back on top Oils should be a top priority. Keep an eye on the radar if you still have a CC (Comand Center) Thou you can sell that if cash is tight as you get £1k to spend on some defences or tanks. You should go and make small outposts at other supply piles... Supply dock + 3-4 defences and a few AA units should be good. After the first rush the AI will either do 2 things..... screw up it's economy as it's wasted all its cash on tanks or turtle and make SW. yup no probs with that.... Although it is worth waiting an extra min to gain a few more points to get that extra level.... 3 A-10s are better than 1 SW.... Just go in through the front! Use gen powers to soffen up the defences any long range units to pick off tanks etc then just drive your tanks into the base. Target Power/War factories and the command center first, then anything you see. Was an OK walkthrough.... but what i've added will also prepare you for online play
  11. SoulJa


    The Academy Is... - 6 Rasmus - 6 NWA- 8 Heal Will Smith- Foreigner- 10 Enya - 16 The Shins - 10 Sebadoh - 10 Atari Teenage Riot - 10 Foo Fighters - 18 The Fray - 8 Goldfinger - 10 Train - 8 Metric - KIA Hurt Steve Vai - 14 Smashing Pumpklins - 20 CunninLynguists - 10 New
  12. Oh really? this one has the german voice over? Well look at the YouTube ones.... there still ENGLISH.... heck there was a thread but someone locked it as its 'no good'.... hrmm.....
  13. SoulJa

    CNCNZ Confessions

    Hrmm... think you taking it a bit too far... If i'd known it woulda gone to your head i wouldn't have come up to you (and im not the one who got him to sign FD)
  14. Nuke overlord with built in EMP tank defence.
  15. but he is still a member.... he's just banned He was just pissed off with Renniganster & Redasblood when they joined and he was leaving the forums for a month or two for them to settle in.... hell eeven if he was unbanned he says he would only do the Generals forums..... not like you guys have anyone with any skills to help people out there is it now Mean Masked seems to have some idea about GLA.... but ima go rip them to parts now I admit im rubish @ Generals.... but im better than everyone else here thou not 1/2 as good as Badger