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  1. Hello, nice project. However, for me sound/music does not work. I am using Linux - maybe it is related to that..?
  2. I would say that depends but on newer monitors definitely because most of them are Widescreen which means they have less height but more width, so if I remove some space from the width, it shouldn't stand out as much as when I remove it from the height. I kind of expected a Generals 2, after all it is the favourite C&C from our current community manager. However, I am disappointed because I prefer Sci-Fi RTS (Fantasy RTS are also OK but I like Sci-Fi most - though that doesn't mean I don't enjoy RTS like Generals, I just would have preferred). Also I never considered Generals part of the C&C series. It is a good game but I just never understood why it is a C&C. Furthermore. I think what C&C would have needed most would have been a reboot with a complete new franchise. But, of course, that is my opinion. Btw. so far the story sounds kind of lame. I mean: Oh, we finally have peace but wait there is this terrorist attack... Btw.2 will this game also require Origin? Btw.3 according to one interview as of now three factions are confirmed but one of those is a secret for now (the known ones are EU and GLA). It seems like they did some changes to the factions, after all there was no EU and why would they hide the third otherwise for now.
  3. ghost_zero

    The New C&C Community Manager Speaks

    Hmm.. a new community manager who likes C&C Generals (and C&C3) most but actually any C&C (does that include C&C4?) most, is kinda strange. I mean: Generals might be a good game but it doesn't really belong to the C&C series. C&C was just used as a selling label. Furthermore, Generals was his first C&C game that just sounds wrong. If it would have been C&C3, I could agree more with ti. (At least it wasn't C&C4 ). But we will see how this turns out.
  4. ghost_zero

    Was the story good?

    I also bought the game for the story mostly and that is - I guess - why I am even more disappointed with the game than I was before already. Personally I don't think iti s worth buying for the story, especially since the most interesting parts (at least you can guess the more important story parts from them) were already in the trailers. Well, the only thing that could save C&C4's story - and as far as I am concerened the whole game - (but highly unlikely) would be an EPIC - and though used a bit sarcastic; this would be what is really needed though (in the best case with gameplay changes; hence, why I said unlikely) Addon (or even DLC). But if you ask me the best would be to discard the whole game like it never existed and create a REAL(, EPIC) finale to Kane's story (those who bought that C&C4 maybe should then get a discount on the "real" one) BUT the likelyhood of that happening is probably 0. (Of course, this is my personal opinion)
  5. ghost_zero

    Skirmish Multiplayer - Different Gameplay Modes?

    That is the next part, actually, only GDI vs. Nod - well that explains why TCN Nodes in the campaign go to red for Nod and blue for GDI; interesting if enemy and allied were both e.g. GDI; and not e.g. always blue for when it is captured by allies and red by enemies - but why do they then display "Mode: Domination", if it is the only one (pretty useless somehow)? Do they intend to bring more in the future or for mods or..? I guess there is no possibility to change the timeout either?
  6. Hi, after finishing the campaign I wanted to try out the Skirmish game and when I entered it, I saw an information that the Mode is Dominance (or something like this) but I can't change this and even with other maps it is always the same, so I wondered are there actually more than one gameplay mode? If so, why can't I select them? If not, why is the mode even specified as it is always the same? Btw. I hate the default mode with capturing TCN nodes. I would have preferred a mode like kill the enemy crawler X times or something like this. This mode seems to be more like a FPS capture the flag mode than a RTS game.
  7. ghost_zero

    An EPIC finale

    You mean C&C4 don't you?
  8. ghost_zero

    An EPIC finale

    I totally agree with the topic starter. This doesn't answer anything at all, it just gives new questions. Furthermore, the whole compaign had no plot at all. There were only two more interesting cutscenes in between the missions (or something like this) but the missions themselves were pretty senseless or let's say I didn't have much interest in doing them story-wise. I just hoped that in the in-between cutscenes they will reveal something that wasn't clear. Of course, I already thought a while if I should buy it at all because the whole new concept wasn't really interesting to me from the start (especially, since it has lost everything that made a C&C a C&C title, not to mention the need for an Internet connection) but then I decided to buy it because it is the last title from the Kane story (though I already had my doubts when I heard that Kane is proposing an alliance between Nod and GDI and even wants to stop the Tiberium from spreading further - because previously he always tried to increase it but, of course, now that he has the Scrin tower he might not require that part anymore but still and alliance with GDI?) and I really wanted to know how it will end and various revelations BUT this game didn't even have that. Actually, I am not even sure if the story is better than the one from Supreme Commander 2 and that one wasn't too good BUT the issue here was mostly that the different campaigns weren't to good connected story-wise (mostly an issue with telling the story - well that was better in C&C4 with the videos, of course) but regarding the story itself I think C&C4 might have had the worse one. Personally, I don't even think that this is definitely the end of the Kane saga. After all Kane could still come back - maybe with reinforcements - , the end was that he want through a portal (more or less like what happened at the end of the Scrin campaign in C&C3).
  9. Just a guess (especially since I don't know the story yet): If this is going to be the end to the Kane story line but not the end of the Tiberium story line itself, then I guess it is most likely that whatever comes later is somehow related to the Scrin. Btw. he says that one question is still answered which I actually believe is more suited to be answered in the Red Alert series but, of course, there has to be something "left" for an expansion (if one is going to be released).
  10. Acutally, I think StarCraft II is a bad example because that one doesn't include a network mode and therefore forces you to use the Online Mode for just Network-Multiplayer too. Furthermore, they are in no way better than EA here because they definitely use it against software "piracy" (under " because piracy is strictly speaking actually the totally wrong term) but tried to "cover" it by saying that they want everyone to use the new Battle.net (2.0) because of the new features and such things like e.g. Statistics. Actually, they could either include some of those things easily for Network mode too or actually I don't even necessarily need them if I just want to play over LAN. If both of them would at least have the "courage" to admit that it is an anti-piracy measure... I still wouldn't buy them but they would at least be honest. Actually, LAN parties - which are a bit bigger - should be kinda hard with everyone requiring an internet connection - normal DSL probably won't be enough because even if they are not in the same game they still use the same internet connection speed. Especially, in case of ADSL the upload speed should be reached relatively soon. This is the reason why I won't buy any of those two games - at least not at the beginning but maybe once the have reached the "bargain price range". Also I want to point out that with solely online there is another problem and that is that once they servers have been removed the game will be completely useless. Btw. the same goes for StarCraft II's non-existing LAN-Mode too. However, Blizzard normally doesn't shut down servers. However, from EA we already learnt that they do so. Not to mention that for most things I just don't want to be online and it doesn't really matter if you have a good internet connection or not, to require an internet connection for things you obviously don't need it is just lame. Furthermore, there is the possibility that under some circumstances that I want to play the game that I don't have any internet connection at all - e.g. ISP is down because a lightning struck an "important structure" or I am on holiday somewhere and want to play it on my Notebook or something like this.
  11. ghost_zero

    New C&C 4 Information from PCGames.de

    Are the 12 to 15 hours for the campaign for BOTH/ALL (maybe there are more than two --> e.g. Scrin) sides? If so, I think that is extremely little. Also: What I still don't get is: If the Crawler respawns: How exactly can you win?
  12. How are command points earned in C&C4? Is this like it was in C&C3..?
  13. Actually, 20 seconds seem pretty fast to me but well I don't know the game and its dynamics yet, so it is hard to comment that "seriously".
  14. I am not too sure if this is really so good. After all it happened before that EA had shutdown their online services and this game ONLY works online so far. I hope it won't be just the campaing but also Skirmish and if possible LAN. Especially because of the point I mentioned regarding the possibility of a shutdown of those online servers I mentioned.
  15. ghost_zero

    More C&C 4 Clarifications from APOC

    I know about the petition but the Diablo 3 graphic petition had even way more signs and it was mostly ignored by Blizzard. Regarding LAN by "modders" it depends on how far this mod was implemented: If there is nothing, you can't re-enable it.