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  1. Yup, already done, under Awesome patch :wink:
  2. diddyu

    Something for the Star Wars fans.

    Itd be awesome to have a tri, or quad blade, just spin it and whoop ass. Goes great with a force throw
  3. This might be more of a ren2 idea type thing, but... I think there should be team commanders, where the commander sees from the typical Cnc rts view, and the rest of the people are on the two (maybe more) teams as a fps. this is simmilar to a Half Life mod, Natural Selection, fun game. Thats all folks
  4. diddyu

    We want Klepacki!

    just rip the origanal CnC songs to whereever the music is located. Classic CnC music Rocks 8)
  5. diddyu

    Awesome Patch

    It does web play too. Itd be cool if something supported it, making a online group like RA2 and such have.
  6. diddyu

    Awesome Patch

    Cmon people reply dam it. oh great, the patch of greatness is wasted. does that mean that not one person is interested in playing CnC multiplayer?
  7. 1995, It was called Tiberium Dawn. It was the beginning and is shall be untill the rts end is neigh.
  8. I havent seen the patch for it on here, but it is on fileplanet,what it does is allowes multiplayer on TD sorry if this has already been done, or if it is well known and i just live under a rock, but just thought i should spread the word heres the link to the patch http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetc.../cnc95mpfix.zip EDIT: I have to use it, so let me know if it works.