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  1. shadowfx78

    Any mods that...

    yeah i did but with so many bugs in it and some that i just cant seem to fix. its not really worth playing right now.
  2. shadowfx78

    Any mods that...

    my mod metalstorm will be like that. Its not released yet though.
  3. shadowfx78

    Damn Updates, What's wrong?

    Um you guys are wrong YR runs fine on my XP machine so i dunno what u guys are doing to yours.
  4. shadowfx78

    Uh Oh... They Have It Back!

    dont forget ts n td either fenring.
  5. shadowfx78

    Generals 2

    Generals just had a different feel it took alot longer to amass a decent offensive force. I think people were used to being able to perform "rushs' and that was one of turn downs for Generals.
  6. shadowfx78

    the consept of generals

    i would have loved to see F-14's on the carriers they rock. They have some of the best capabilities of any jet in service today.
  7. shadowfx78


    What are your system specs Grievious?
  8. shadowfx78


    in windowed mode it plays like most programs and doesnt use the full screen.
  9. shadowfx78

    Overlord's Bigger Brother?

    holy **** thats sick. thats the essence of pure evilness.
  10. shadowfx78


    I think the USA Generals are the worse cuz they dont have tanks of any sort with the exception being the Laser Gen, yet most of the other factions generals have access to normal tanks. I like GLA for their resourcefulness and sneakyness. China is basically good all around all the Generals with the Inf Gen being the exception cuz he doesnt have tanks but i think more than makes up for this with the MiniGunner they are nasty in groups with the horde effect.
  11. shadowfx78

    Stealth Bunker Buster Question

  12. shadowfx78

    Stealth Bunker Buster Question

    I got it figured out there is a tutorial at GenDev if your interested. Its called SEMI weapons
  13. How can i make it so can have the stealths switch from regular missiles/bombs to bunker busters on cue instead of having bunker busters all the time?
  14. shadowfx78

    America, China or GLA?

    What side i play general depends on what kinda of mood im in. China if im really mad: go nukes, nuke cannons, and the uber overlord tank. and i love the hackers and black lotus muahahahaha USA if im in a techy type mood, i personally thing the USA Generals are the weakest generals as all three of them dont have tanks (whats up with that?) GLA if i feel like being a sneaky lil bastard
  15. shadowfx78

    Looking for a mod

    Thats not actually a mod but a mode in a mod u can enable it in YR as well as many other modes. the mode is called Meat Grinder. Get this it will do what you want to: http://www.cncgames.com/mods2/yr_sp_final.zip