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    Ah, I spotted that earlier but wasnt sure if it was the same thing. Cheers mate.
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    For some reason my computer does not recognise www.ren-alert.com as a website address and keeps redirecting me to google searchs. Whats happening there?
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    Red Alert 2: Vengance

    Does anyone know anything about this game? I had a look at its site, and I'm not sure what the hell its meant to be or if they're just taking the piss.
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    C&C: World War 3

    this was something I started playing around with once I'd completed RA. U mite notice similarities to Tiberian Sun, but I swear those are totally incidental. Please let me know what you think. I'll have to post a link, its too big to post. :oops: The add-on script is incomplete, but I began writing that after the release of Generals. Both can be found on: http://groups.msn.com/EagleHammerEliteClan...nfic&fc_a=0 Let me know what you think. BPB
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    Renegade Alert

    Couldn't find the section of the forum talking about this, so as its a game-in-progress I think it's fair to post here :lol: Has everyone seen the submarine stuff they're doing? Its so cool, but it got me thinking, why are there no submarine games? Where you have full control of sonar and jamming equipment and the ESM mast and periscope? I'm sorry, but I thought this would rock. Anyway, yeah Ren Alert looks ****ing ace, anyone know when the sub patch is coming out?
  6. Notes from the author: This is my attempt to refine the game script to three playable sides. At this time, I envisage Escalation to be mission-based. I take onboard advice from Sheepe (CnCnZ.com member), to try and cut down the redundancy of weapons, and to create unique but balanced sides in the Final War. Thanks to all the feedback from CNCNZ members. The following descriptions of the world situation, new teams, units, buildings and weaponry have no basis on real life and should not be taken as a reflection on the world just now. Many of these weapons and units are based on units and characters from Westwood’s Command & Conquer™, Command & Conquer: Red Alert™ and Command & Conquer: Red Alert: Retaliation™ (add-on packs Counter-strike and Aftermath), although I have added many new units of my own . However I do base my ideas for “Red Alert: Escalation” (working title) entirely on the events of the previous titles in the C&C: Red Alert series. This game is not Red Alert 3. This game is how I felt RA2 should have been. All events take place after the Allied invasion of Stalingrad. New units introduced are taken from my previously unrefined game descriptions, C&C: World War 3, and C&C: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. Any relation between units featured here and in C&C: Generals, Starcraft, or any other RTS, are purely co-incidental. The Story After a long and bloody campaign, the Allied Forces have driven the Soviet army back to Stalingrad. However, the Soviets were not prepared to surrender after accomplishing so much. Since the retreat from Berlin, an order was delivered from STAVKA head General Kane to re-route supplies and B-class divisions to the city of Stalingrad, creating Russia’s first fortress-city. Unsuspecting Allied forces pursuing retreating Soviet divisions were overwhelmed just outside the city. With the spearhead of the attacking force destroyed, Soviet forces were able to fight the Allies back to the Russian border. The European War looked set to begin all over again. With all hopes of a diplomatic resolution shot out of the sky, the sleeping giant America made plans for intervention. Preparing the largest amphibious landing force the world has seen to launch an assault in eastern Siberia - Operation HAMMER -, the United States also para-drops reinforcements to strengthen European forces in the west – Operation ANVIL. With the reinforcements on their way, America launches its amphibious assault to force the Russians to split divisions from their attack on Europe to defend their east coast. Around 60 miles from the Siberian coast, the escort ships for HAMMER radioed in mayday calls, claiming multiple torpedo launches in the area. Before CINCPACFLT could issue evasive orders, missiles from over the horizon struck the decks of the escort ships, leaving the amphibious transports unguarded. The entire fleet was wiped out within the hour. Eighteen hours earlier in China, a military coup had overthrown the Emperor. The leader behind the coup was none other than Mao Zedong. As Chairman of the newly-instated Communist Party of China, Mao’s first order was to prepare troops for mobilisation. Their destination: the uninhabited living space and the natural resources abundant in Siberia. Using Russia’s preoccupation with the European War, Mao had intended to establish a stronghold in Siberia with which to force the Russians to retreat to the west. When intelligence reports showed signs of a massive American naval fleet headed for Siberia, Mao ordered all of the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s submarines and two missile frigates. Nothing could interfere with China’s ambition. War now spreads from the Atlantic to the Pacific, as three factions compete for global superiority. Submarines and destroyers clash in Pacific as cruisers pound the coastal defences from the Barents Sea. Fighter-bombers engage artillery divisions whilst dodging enemy SAMs. The world is your battlefield…
  7. Introduction World War III is now well under way. The fields are pocked with missile craters and littered with tank debris. The deserts are now home to the dried skeletons of the dead soldiers. The skies are alight with the glare of burning rocket propellant. The seas conceal all manner of destroyed warships and submarines. Across Europe, America, and Asia, chaos has spread. The developed world is in turmoil. Except China. For the duration of what many have called The Final War, China has sat back and watched the world embroil itself in global conflict. Now, as supplies and ammunition begin to run down on all sides, China is stepping forward to claim its destiny. Chinese conscripts are marching in their thousands west towards Iraq and Europe and to Russia in the north. The naval assault units and amphibious transports of the People’s Liberation Army Navy are racing east to the American coast. The Chinese armed forces are spreading out across the world, setting up bases, and conquering nations. But the other sides have too much to lose by giving into the Chinese. Now the other sides (The Allies, The Soviets, Federation of the Black Sun, The Serbs, The Iraqis, Phoenix and NATO) are gearing up for the final onslaught that will determine the New World Order by last faction standing… Note from the author: I began writing ideas for an add-on pack for C&C: World War III shortly after the release of Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge. Given the quite dramatic change in graphics and units, I have chosen to continue this add-on in the style of C&C: WWIII. I am not technical wizard, so I have decided not to assume that a game as large as C&C:WWIII and any of its add-ons will run using the same graphics or at the same speed as Red Alert 2. If I am wrong, I am very excited about how this add-on and the original game will look in the up-dated graphics.
  8. So I come home from my staff night out at half four in the morning, and I'm wired from all the Coke I had in my double Southern Comforts. I can't sleep, I'm a caffiene warehouse. So I crawl over to my PlayStation2, and I look through all my old PSone games. Something catches my eye. Why, it's the original C&C! Now, at first I had my doubts - it's a classic PC game, and was never really meant for the PS. Additionally, a few weeks ago, I'd played my copy of "Alerte Rouge" (a long story which will no doubt be explained at some point) and been bitterly disappointed by the poor conversion. But I've never known the art that was C&C on the computer, only on PlayStation. And my god, it f*****g rocks. Let's take a step back from the graphics, this game was dated 1995, so we're not expecting breathtaking art as the Ion Cannon shatters a turret, or brilliant, awe-inspiring flames as the Airstrike is delivered. What is amazing, is the rest of the game. The CGI videos, the mission structure, the co-relation of forces - aaaah, damn good stuff. I could go on and on and on about all the stuff I loved about the game that started it all, but I thought I would open up this topic for everyone to discuss what they loved most about the masterpiece that started it all.
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    It will be Red Alert 3

    Do we? Do we? Yes, I suppose that's true and fair to say.
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    It will be Red Alert 3

    Some things are best left unconsidered.
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    It will be Red Alert 3

    Damn luk3us, if I'd known you looked like that I'd have come here at lot more often.
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    Red Alert: Escalation - The New Game from BPB

    Wrong. The Nazis were ill-prepared for the Russian winter. How did the Russians win the Battle of Kursk?
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    Red Alert: Escalation - The New Game from BPB

    Everything about Russian tactics huh? How did they defend Stalingrad?
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    C&C: WIII - Rise of the Middle Kingdom

    Yeah there wasn't any replies in this topic for ages, so I gradualy stopped coming. Just remembered here today, couldn't remember any of these things I've posted.
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    I'm looking for 5-10 newish Renegade players to join my EagleHammer Elite clan (EHE). If you're fairly new, not too great, or a really good team player ready to try out some new tactics, message me online (my Westwood login is BearSix) or e-mail me ([email protected])
  16. Which low-tech vehicle from across the C&C/RA series was the best?
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    Favourite Low Tech Vehicles

    Ach, I forgot the Titan. i haven't played TS in so long...
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    C&C: WIII - Rise of the Middle Kingdom

    Dear Diary Phew. My secret is safe. No-one knows that I am really the creator of Red Alert. Remembered dried frogs pills. Had a severe case of the die-whore-Aria! this morning. Let a nasty mark. Talk soon. BPB
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    C&C: WIII - Rise of the Middle Kingdom

    That was irony. i didn't actually create Red Alert.
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    Best CnC Team of all time

    I notice a distinct lack of Yuri-ness.
  21. I've never really though of AI having strategy. They always seem to periodically tank rush. If you've looked at an RA1 ini file, the default setting is to attack 10 minutes into the skirmish, and then every five minutes therafter. They would use helicopters, but never Yaks, MiGs, or any naval unit. They're base would consist of CY, 1 barracks, 1 WF, 1 Radar, 6 or 7 Refineries, 4 or 5 helipads, and seemingly enough power to somehow keep it all running. In RA1 skirmishes, Sub Pens/NYs, Tech Centres, Chronospheres, A-Bomb Silos, and Airfields were never built. At least, not by the AI. RA2 was an improvement, Medium/Brutal Soviets will use Subs, but for the most part they would rely on 1 or 3 kirovs to kill you, if their Engineer rush at the start failed. I can't remember TS much, but I don't rmeember being impresed.
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    C&C: WIII - Rise of the Middle Kingdom

    Phht. :shock: Use an idea created by someone else? :shock: Pah. :lol:
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    C&C: WIII - Rise of the Middle Kingdom

    I didn't say a new concept to RTS. I said a new dimension specifically to C&C.
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    C&C: WIII - Rise of the Middle Kingdom

    Hey thanks for feedback. im currently breaking down and explanding parts of this concept, see the Red Alert: Escalation thread down below
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    I hated how RA2 led on from an Allied victory. There should have been when you played as Allies, you played following a Soviet victory (so that your launching a major offensive) and when you played as Soviets, you were playing following an Allied victory (so you could cast off the chains of the capitalist dogs.). Much better.