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  1. Raynar05

    Godfather the game review by my

    its an awesome game but its really violent soo i wudnt advise it for ppl who get grossed out from execution style killings
  2. Raynar05

    News headlines for 2029

    after 20 years of hiding in American Territory in the Middle East, Micheal Jackson is once again accused of sexual harrasment of a minor
  3. Raynar05

    Restore Justice News

    hell yeah , i thot this mod was dead, and i was sad bcuz i really wanted to attack iran * in the game*
  4. damn u didnt add GLA generals ther??? thier scary because there are ppl in the real world as crazy as them
  5. Raynar05

    Another brilliant human being!

    lol, its soo funny yet stupid when people do dumb or wrong things and desperately deny or cover up when its sooo obvious.
  6. Raynar05

    Operation: Restore Justice v1.5 News

    ILL DOWNLOAD THIS MOD. This mod is 1 of the few CNC mods that shows what a real base looks like and depicts the real military. Keep up the good work!!
  7. Raynar05


    B3 is a plane going to be made in the future pics http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/sys...upersonic-1.jpg
  8. Raynar05


    donate 1 pint of blood
  9. Raynar05

    Now Playing - Music

    only you (remix) - 112 ft. Biggie , Mase old skool baby 8)
  10. Raynar05

    Things you do besides play videogames

    haha srry, i juss noticed i do that, i also hate wen ppl do that 2. but i use bcuz because its shorter then because and im a lazy typer
  11. Raynar05

    Things you do besides play videogames

    go out, hardly goto the movies nemor. usually goto the mall coz all da kool hangouts closed down bcuz of drugs and **** hahaha. I used 2 be on a bball team but i quit coz the coach is an ass. If im not doing that im usually eating or sleeping, or playing PC games.
  12. Raynar05

    YOYOYO :)

    hahaha , i only like the rhymes mike jones makes, but i dont really like how his songs r put 2gether, he juss repeats same thing. and that "Who?" thing gets annoying. Everytime sum1 says who? ppl shout MIKE JONES!!! I listen 2 sum of the rappers u listen 2 like Biggie , i listen 2 biggie alot , especially that new duets stuff. And Nas is prob makes the craziest rhymes. o yeh, forgot 2 mention T.I. and Lil Scrappy , they really good
  13. Raynar05

    YOYOYO :)

    haha i listen 2 50 cent, good songs, but not "gangsta" hahaha. As fo the game, I havent heard Ghost Unit but i do hav his latest mixtape Stop Snitchin' Stop Lyin' ahha and Red as blood i disagreee but im not against ur opinion thats how u think