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  1. http://revver.com/video/16675/6530 Was emailed the video at work. Really well done I think. I hear this could actually be a new series.
  2. Space

    The First Decade/CnC Series Review

    Looks great, thanks Sonic. Feedback for the review is welcome. I know the Decade Pack didn't go down too well but I wanted to focus on reviewing the C&C series instead of complaining about EA's failure to sort out the multiplayer, which is what has been done on other reviews I've seen. For me that isn't enough to tell people they shouldn't buy a compilation of the C&C series. After reading what people had said about the bonus DVD I had very low expectations, but I did enjoy it. The last few areas were a bit weak but it was worth it for the interview alone.
  3. Gaming website DarkZero has just published a review of C&C The First Decade, with the focus on the series as a whole and what it has brought to gaming. Review: http://darkzero.co.uk/index2.php?articleid=572 It may seem a few weeks late but as we're a UK based site EA sent us the review copy on the UK release, rather than the release of the game in the US. Any feedback is welcome. We've included CNCNZ in the 'recommeneded fan sites' area under the boxart. Cheers.
  4. Space

    I just realized something...

    I think the main thing is not to cause problems in the first place. Going to war really should be a last option on the list, and if you do go to war you must be sure you can deal with the situation afterwards. The US totally misjudged the Iraq situation and it is costing them billions. I also hate to see the UK backing the US in everything they do, especially as most of the public haven't backed the war since the start. The whole middle eastern situation has ruined Western repuation almost beyond repair. I hope over time things will improve. Don't get me started on the Guantamano Bay situation, it's one of the biggest disgraces of the last few decades. Ah, another Bush hater! Grand! We won't attack them if they don't attack us, thats basically it. They are thinking about invading Taiwan though, which we have been defending for quite sometime. Instead of the 'we won't attack them if they don't attack us' policy it would be nice to see China and the US become close allies instead of going into another cold war. The US's attitude towards many countries is not one of a friend but a world-wide bully; just look at Cuba. Their intentions may at times be in the right place but they need to start gaining respect through their actions instead of through sheer might.
  5. Space

    Hello fellow C&C fans

    Sorry I should have guessed, but these days there's so many abbreviations you never know! My online name is spacedz.
  6. Space

    Hello fellow C&C fans

    That would be great, thanks Sonic. I'm aiming to get it all written up by the end of next week.
  7. Space

    The Football/Soccer Thread

    I'm pleasantly surprised by the response. Certinaly didn't expect to find a Rushden & Diamonds support on here. :lol: Ok.. summary of Chelsea's big game against Barca. Lost 2-1 in the end but it was a very entertaining game. First of all, the ref's decision to send off Del Horno after 30min was 100% wrong. It was barely a yellow card, he simply ran into him. This left us on the back foot without much ability to attack. Although it wasn't a red card Del Horno has looked so poor defensively and when Ferreria took over we looked much safer even with only 10 men. We got lucky with an own goal and then Carvalho did one of his typical dumbass pointless fouls to give them a freekick that Ronaldinho made us pay for, a mirror of what Lampard did at the other end. Barca then got one more but it wasn't too surprising. Terry, Gudjohnson and Makelele were simply amazing this game, world class performances. Without them we'd have lost this 6-0. Messi had a blinder for them too, without him they probably wouldn't have won. The second leg should be good. Unless we are again unfortunate with the ref it should be a close game.
  8. Space

    Hello fellow C&C fans

    Sorry what's NZ? The only NZ I can think of is this place and you can see my name already. I work in the center of London but commute in from around the Watford area.
  9. Space

    I just realized something...

    It's only a matter of time until the US's insistance that they can be the only world power gets us all into trouble. I don't believe China have plans to take over the world, they are simply a powerful superpower with a growing economic might. I hope the US stays well clear and allies themself with China. But with people like Bush in charge I can only see it turning into a disaster. We're out of out depth against the middle east as it is.
  10. Space


    Welcome RKCoon. When you finally get a new computer you'll get to experience the world of Generals. But there's no downside to sticking with the old games.. especially if there are friends to play multiplayer against.
  11. Space

    Other Games?

    Not sure about that to be honest, only played against real people both offline and online. You can even play split-screen deathmatch online which works really well. One of the best things about the game is the way headshots have been done, it's hard to get one and if you do there's a big 'headshot' message. Really satisfying. Proximity and remote mines make a welcome return and are combined in the same weapon; whether you use primary or secondard fire to place them determines the type. The laptop gun is back too and the range of weapons is great. You can go Wild West style dual-wielding Magnums too.
  12. Space

    Other Games?

    Kameo is great, very good graphically and the gameplay feels just right. How's that play? I'm a huge fan of the original so I'd like to know if it's still as solid as before. I played a lot of Perfect Dark back on the N64 but I thought GoldenEye was much better. It didn't have bots but the multiplayer was superbly balanced because of the body armour, the framerate was superior and the level design was better. But both games were still great. The new Perfect Dark plays well in multiplayer and is quite slow paced, unlike most FPS games today, so it's quite similar to the old games. Unfortunately the single player story is pretty poor and the overall presentation is not great. But if you have Xbox Live and other people to play it's well worth it.
  13. Space

    Awesome Patch

    Is it LAN only multiplayer or online too?
  14. Does anyone else support a football team? I'm guessing the vast majority of you are from the US so this may not go down too well. If it isn't to your taste please don't ruin it for the rest of us. I'm a Chelsea fan and have been for many years now. Finally over the last few years we've hit top form and are winning the English league. Tomorrow night we face Barcelona in the Champions League - what a match that promises to be. Unfortunately for us William Gallas is out and he is a player that will be desperately missed. A small sidenote.. has anyone considered that Soccer should probably be spelt Socker?
  15. Space

    Other Games?

    Apart from C&C I play a lot of Worms Armageddon. Team 17 are still frequently patching it up and it's a totally elite game because of the amazing ninja rope kills that can never be fully mastered. I'm also into my Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (Xbox), which stems from the old days of me playing Sensible Soccer on the Amiga 500. Tekken 5 is also my favourite fighting game. I have an Xbox 360 with Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo but have found myself playing on the PC instead.