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  1. RKCoon

    US Sen. puts motion to Censure Bush

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Ok thats hilarious. he gets soooo wound up at me hes gotta take the weakest way to make jabs at someone -- thier grammar. sheesh. :lol: Not only that, but he takes my points ant twists them to make it look like he came up with them first. :lol: Then attempts to pretend not to be up in arms - yet is very quick to come off with his droll? :lol: Guess you dont like it much when someone else defends what THEY think with equal or greater zeal to you, eh bware? Oh, before i forget -- i did in fact cover some of the points, in that lil comparison between the muslim and christian faiths, just what my points were, but as it stands, why should i bother? if you havent the reading skills to see my point (which, i mean cmon, doesnt take THAT much) then why reword it all again for the umpteenth time? youve already made it clear you refuse to even accept others beleifs as anything close to valid, so its essentially academic now. Oh, ever pause to consider i was keepin it simple just to keep the simple people -- namely you -- able to understand? but since you cant grasp it in SIMPLE form, going complex over it would be prettymuch futile. Lastly -- History proves that, when in regards to christianity or any of the right wing faiths, it IS impossible to convince those of the extreme (as youve done well in showing your desire to be a part of). better to merely spread the word, and allow those who wish to examine do so on thier own. :lol: As a side note, i can easily say, to those who wish to be something the realist -- prove that god exists. last i checked, people have been trying for millenia -- and absolutely ALL efforts to such have been to no avail - and everytime that happens, the right wingers arwe quick to come off with really cheapass lame excuses for that, in the thinly vieled attempts to protect thier own faith.
  2. Wow, thats the lamest comeback ive heard in a while. pity there is no one that can pass solid judgement on the actions of those that pretend to represent thier religion -- two thirds of the worlds populace would be wiped off the face of the map. Again, same old song and dance, same old story -- each faction claims to be different from the other, to have different morals, and to obey only some sections of a small collection of books that, in reality, have the same base origins. you can prance around all you want with your weak jabs at those that differ -- but the simnple fact is, placign absolute ant total faith in ONE thing, be it a book, a person, or even a god, will land you in the same place in the end -- the grave. You have obviously passed judgement on me -- allow me to return the favor and state it plain -- you're being exceptionally daft. such fun isnt it?
  3. RKCoon

    Ensure Consent, You Evil MEN!

    Wow. i actually agree with Bware here. BOTH sexes do it to themselves, the get blasted to f*ck, get laid, and then b!tch about it after the fact. they KNOW what can and will happen to them, and the make the choice to allow that to happen to themselves anyway. TOO F*CKIN BAD! dont be so stupid next time, is my answer. As it was told to me -- "If you choose to drink, or take drugs, first your BEING stupid, second, expect to act stupid and make stupid choices once under the influence." Pretty damned straightforward, and i have little use for the peons -- on BOTH sides of the gender fence -- that pull this kinda horse manure. Generally, its just an easy excuse, again for both sides, to screw around and avoid responcibility for it. Now then, as to me bein a feminazi -- methinks someones REALLy graspin for straws here. obviously, Bware has never looked at his own posts.
  4. RKCoon

    US Sen. puts motion to Censure Bush

    GL - that was me being nice and confirming it -- before i go and suggest your a few bricks short of a full load, for suggesting i think there needs to be more american blood spilt, or that im just seeing what i can do to piss off the masses (which, i have to say,is becoming easyer, if less intentional, by the post :lol: ) Bware - (wheres the insert sarcasm button?) Ever take a moment to consider ALL im doing is scratching the surface? or, more accurately -- pointing out that your side isnt near as rosy keen as you and your buddies like to pass it off as? More to the point, it again comes to a matter of credibility -- for i find far more in that "anti christian website" than some whino who hasnt been out in the real world long enough to actually get a DATE, let alone figure out what the meaning of life is. Im not confused at all here -- i merely laid out my thoughts, in a way that i thought you might have a chance of following them -- since youve prettymuch missed every other point ive made altogether. Ive already said ive not read the bible thru out and out -- i dont have the patience to read that load of (what i view to be)hypocritical outlandish and outright decieptful slag. I might add, that keeping it simple is a VERY good way to weed out the bullsh!t spouted off in a number of things -- more tho, appearing simple is an easy way see the true colors in people. Take you, for example -- you claim i have gotten myself confused -- yet it seems to me, at least, that your happy to quickly dissmiss ANYthing that doesnt sit with you, and cling to same old tired stuff that makes up, well, your beleifs i suppose. im not tryiong to convince anyone of anything really -- unlike some. more to the point, i dont NEED to pretend to be condesending, paticularly because i have this beleif of a "devine being" backing me. am i really making you that antsy by my comments, bware? Best way to sum up, as seen on a shirt - "I Could agree with you, then we BOTH would be WRONG!" :lol:
  5. RKCoon

    Nice... (comedy for some)

    No actually, i stumbled across this one. hence, the term, "comedy". :roll:
  6. Would you rather i place all my faith in the wordings of but ONE book? One book, i might add, that when people putthier faith in, most ddont even READ the whole damned thing thru.
  7. RKCoon

    This Flat Disgusts Me

    *Seconds tree, for the hellovit*
  8. http://www.capitolhillblue.com/artman/publ...icle_7606.shtml Ya know ,We canadians/free worlders knew this before the FIRST "election". they are only seein it now? :roll:
  9. RKCoon

    Ensure Consent, You Evil MEN!

    Yeah... then you're ALSO a moron. It's just that the girls have so much more to lose. I doubt badger has even lost his virginity. Women have lost more than him, in fact I'm prety sure 95% of the concenting adults in the world have. How on earth can someone like him even stand a chance with anyone. Especially when he acts like he does on the boards. It is a fact that people who write/type things actually let out their true personality in what they express. So how the hell badger's personality gets him a girl is beyond me... Badger, I've told you before. Retirement homes are not nightclubs where the wicked, hot bitches are! So Stop sending me PMs already!!! :roll: Simple answer for ya -- for every two stupid guys theres at least ONE stupid woman -- and at least TWO crooked women out for no more than to f*ck guys over. Glad i gotta gf with brains AND decency
  10. RKCoon

    This Flat Disgusts Me

    Were nitpicking over a few words now? Sad.
  11. Hrrmmm.... Comparison here -- a religious prophet (or WTF ever he is) for the muslims orders infidels and those not agreeing killed; some elements of said religion swear up and down they dont follow that part. a prophet (at LEAST one, from what i gathered, he wasnt the only) for the christians had i nthe past ordered the deaths of millions as well; christians state that they dont follow "that part" of it. Various scriptures, as i understand it, call for the conversion OR death, no allowances in between, for people into thier religion. this has happened in its history, tho again modern "moderate" elements claim not to practice such. in some various scriptures in regards to the christians, the same is called -- those that do not wish to follow the faith are to be everything from excommunicated to flat out killed. this has also been practiced in the past, again, modern "moderate" elements claim not to practice this. BOTH have extremists present in thier ranks, both claim these extremists do not represent thier faith -- yet dont always seem to do much to "control thier herd" when things go well -- for them Im sorry but this reeks of rancid meat to me. f*cking religions; the bigger ones just seem to refuse to allow true personal freedom, or allow others tolive peaceably.
  12. RKCoon

    US Sen. puts motion to Censure Bush

    The who and wha? GL - i Do have somewhat of an apprecieation of sarcasm and wit, but i have to say -- that one REALLy eludes me. who ya aimin that at?
  13. RKCoon

    US Sen. puts motion to Censure Bush

    AAnnnnddd i see EXACTLY what i said would happen, happened, the right wingers got mega pissy... Which is fine, absolutely and totally expected from here. Now admittedly, i do have some of my facts off -- hell i think i SAID as much, at least in regards to my summary of the christian faith. however, i did NOT get ANYthing wrong in regards to my quoting of scriptures -- for i refused to take context from to or at ANY of the scriptures. i went with what i saw as stated, word for word. anything else is twisting whats there. (another notorious maneuver, i see.) Allow my to sum up the fallacy known as the christian/catholic/hebrew/associated and similar faiths with but one idea. in all of these faiths, god created man in his own, god's, images. further god instilled "free will" in humanity, and free will has been the subject of blame of MUCH of what humanity has done, to supposedly "piss god off" or keep us out of heaven. Now, it seems odd to me that we would, or COULD, do things, in the image of "a supreme being" or "god" if we are the same as he is. what was lost in the transition? or is it to say that god "programmed" or more accurately, designed us, to do so? by givin us the element of C H O I C E , one of the key ingredients to humanity, and THEN giving us a rather lengthy and constrictive list of rules to follow, what was he hoping for? me personally, id say (given this scenario) that either god ****ed up royally, in which case humanity was a mistake -- or god wants a replacement for himself. Now, the IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind with all of this -- is that this is ALL my oppinion. as many of ya have been ever so vocal about -- im ONLY one lil knowitall fro mthe yukon. So im spouting off insanity, big deal ---- but please, tell me something kids: why ya gettin so pissed off at someone with a different take on things? are ya all that insecure in yourselves to attack that which isnt like yas? I do say, as i dont think i made it clear enough -- i repsect everyone, and i mean EVERYone's rightto beleive as they want -- but since everyone DOES in fact question others beleifs, challenges them and so on -- i will do the same on my own. Yer damned skippy i got my own beleifs -- and before anyone says im ramming mine down others throat, i shall remind you, it IS on a fecking computer screen -- i aint holding a gun to anyones head or threatening to blow up ANYthing if you peoples dont beleive. (gee, think some people have some pent up hostility? XD)
  14. RKCoon

    On an Island

    Im not that fluent with music, but if memory serves, thats more mindless thrash metal isnt it? dont know so askin lol. btw, howsabout Avenged Sevenfold?
  15. RKCoon

    US Sen. puts motion to Censure Bush

    Oh this should be amusing -- i eagerly await your reply.