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  1. CCCP Gosho

    Adolf Hitler Action Figure

    A steady career? You call that good? If you want to be a sheep, live under someone's power and get told what to do every day and get treated like crap, then yeah, big companies are good. Small enterprizes are way better.
  2. CCCP Gosho

    Adolf Hitler Action Figure

    You don't have to make weapons to be evil. All you have to do is ruin lives and big companies are great at that. And they treat you like crap anyways.
  3. CCCP Gosho

    Adolf Hitler Action Figure

    My name here has nothing to do with politics. It's just an old clan of RA2 that disbanded years ago. I'm too lazy to change it. But yes, I am somewhat of a Anarchist. I find most of the people very stupid, very cruel or just blindingly following someone. The system is not working properly, as it benefits some over others. And especially in my country, the mafia has taken complete conroll over the state - it pracicaly owns it. All I want is to get a chance for a normal life and meet more good people. Fenrin, Anarchy does fight the big companies. Why? Because they are evil, they destroy so much - enviromentally, they enslaveso many people, tear down so many little companies. Yes, they do bring progress and cheaper goods. But is it worthit? I say no. Also, has anyone concidered this may be just a joke? I mean, last night I thought of this and it seems more and more like a joke.
  4. CCCP Gosho

    Adolf Hitler Action Figure

    Meh, I'm deluded as well. I was deluded some time ago, I'm still deluded now and I'll even die deluded. And so are all humans. But some more than others. Let's just live, be happy and make as many other people happy. And fight those, who want to make us miserable with our full force.
  5. CCCP Gosho

    Adolf Hitler Action Figure

    Aye, I understand. And yeah, Nazis are scum. Me and NiGhtPiSh up there see Nazi Skinheads everyday. I've fought them myself several times. Every single one of them is blinded by racial hate and by that insanelly stupid WW2 Germany cult. **** them. Though a guy at the Daily Mail did make a good comment - how many people are going to buy such a doll? 100 Pounds is a lot in the Ukraine, which means only the rich will buy it (or the very obsessed) - in both cases, people who are either deluded or just plain evil.
  6. CCCP Gosho

    Adolf Hitler Action Figure

    Kill it with fire. It and every other nazi. @ Saracen - there are no real punks, who are nazi. Real punks are not rascist.
  7. CCCP Gosho

    The Epic, BEST faction poll!

    Mina Synd, you're a girl? What are you doing writing like that - horribly! Alwyas thought girls write enater than boys. Soviets. F.T.W!
  8. CCCP Gosho

    January C&C 3 Newsletter

    So, who won the free Kane's Edition?
  9. CCCP Gosho

    New Look for CNCNZ.com

    Hell, it looks a lot like that old scheme some time ago, which crased IE users I like
  10. CCCP Gosho

    best infantry unit?

    Not to mention Chrono legionaires,Chrono Ivans, Terrorists (well that's their purpose-to die)....
  11. CCCP Gosho

    Beowulf's Rules

    This mod makes YR obsolete...cool.
  12. Tanya- she is a mass murderer. She has killed around 5000 people in 3 wars!
  13. CCCP Gosho

    best infantry unit?

    "Flak Attack" is also the Flak Troopers repric...And FT, when in numbers, pwn Rockies.
  14. Just get the newest patches.