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    problems with tibedit2

    ok i found the problem. it was a directory problem. joeb you were right. the "" came before Generals and after Command & Conquer. sorry for the most obvious mistake i have ever made and thank you for the help. koen, maybe a "Browse" button next to the directory input bar to make selection of the directroy easier?
  2. Zion250

    problems with tibedit2

    ok this is what happens when i go to run the program: i click the icon in my desktop (tibed2), i get the "tibed2 is shareware" bla bla bla, i click "register later" then the "new project: select game and project type" window apperes. i click the "C&C: Generals" icon once and type the game folder as follows: C:Program FilesEA GamesCommand & Conquer The First DecadeCommand & Conquer Generals then i click "start". The "enter mod name" opens and i enter a mod name. then i get all the errors that started this topic off. hope this helps? i know you guys are trying your best to help and it may just be my really sh***y comp but i hate spending several hours scrolling through .ini's.
  3. Zion250

    problems with tibedit2

    i do that and even with the trailing slash () but still no... cant find this file or that file...
  4. Zion250

    problems with tibedit2

    this is ok but... i already have it... it makes little icons in the 'start bar' and i already done that but it still cant find the files... will it have anything to do with a program called 'bink and smacker'? it is a program that allowes me to 'unzip' all the .big files in the directorys. but i have only extracted the audio files by doing that and some of the .ini's for manual editing. i really wanted to use tibed2 becuase it takes a really long time scrolling through the ini's and changing health and armour, money, etc etc and doing it that way.
  5. Zion250

    problems with tibedit2

    unfortunatally that link is "dead" it seems to be encryipted somehow and i canot understand it... i have scoured the site and have not found the "XCC TFD" thing... another link maybe?
  6. Zion250

    problems with tibedit2

    answer: yes i do have generals from the TFD pack but i had it from the original disk first... and replaced TFD's gen and ZH with the directorys from the original ones... i will try that link you gave me and see what happens... ty for reply.
  7. i have installed tibedit2 so i can mod generals and ZH but... i cant edit anything:S i get the following message: File not found in GetBinaryFile for 'english.bigdataenglishgenerals.csf' (in readonly more: -1 and wiith path 'TBinaryFile') i click 'OK' since its the only button availble and i get the following message: english.bigdataenglishgenerals.csf could not be found while creating your project! i get these messages several times over and over again for all the .ini's. help? please...