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  1. ok so iv got the 4 player internet and whenever i try to join somones game and somone trys to join mine, it says the games are incompatable. Is there a patch im missing here or what?
  2. fredcow9

    Help with Red Alert

    actally i figured it out, you have to set the autoplay to win 95 compatibility mode, doing setup only dosent work but thanks for the help you guys I probally wouldnt have figured it out without all your help
  3. fredcow9

    Help with Red Alert

    thats a good one cuz i already did that afeter i ran the command. assume im smarter than that comon. so no one knows how to fix this. unbeliveable
  4. fredcow9

    Help with Red Alert

    ok well I already have dont that. so heres my status, I made the computer work in win 95 compatability layer, I get that far and then the win 5.0 is running message mentioned earlier comes up. Is there like some computer genius that knows what to do here or what?
  5. fredcow9

    Help with Red Alert

    so basically there is no hope for me to ever play red alert on my computer again?
  6. fredcow9

    Help with Red Alert

    The site was useful because I did get it to work in compatibility mode but when the install shiled installs, I get the following message: Win 5.0 is currently running, Red alert is a Win 95 product only. could anyone help me with this?
  7. Ok I have win 2000 trying to install red aler, I get message: currently running win 5.0, red alert is a win 95 product only... So i try to do compatibility mode and it will not let me go to compatibility mode and so I cant even get the program installed Please help! Thanks so much.