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    do u need cnc generals to install and play zero hour
  2. Kakashi Lord


    now this right here is total pwnage http://my.break.com/Media/View.aspx?ContentID=106914
  3. Kakashi Lord

    SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars

    i actually thought the game was pretty good
  4. Kakashi Lord

    the fight

    if your from the US and you watch professional boxing you should know who they are
  5. Kakashi Lord

    the fight

    for the people who didn't see the fight between winky wright and jermaine taylor it was a draw
  6. Kakashi Lord


    im only 13
  7. Kakashi Lord


    i just wanted to know how many of u play runescape and if so wats ur username
  8. Kakashi Lord

    where's my money

  9. Kakashi Lord

    underrated games

    i think the most underrated games i recently played was monster hunter and brute force
  10. Kakashi Lord


    well im sorry for getting a little upset though. but the games i mentioned i already have acess to
  11. Kakashi Lord


    very funny
  12. Kakashi Lord


    im looking for some good co-op games for the ps2 can someone tell me some games other than ratchet deadlocked, star wars battlefront I & II and timesplitters future perfect