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  1. Hey folks, I am new to the site, and I am really wanting to start modding Tiberian sun and RA2. Well i guess i have been modding them already, I have been modding back to RA 1, but just light stuff, INI editing, screwing with units, duplicating them, messing with weapons , super weapons, basically using TIBed for all its worth.. That being said i want to start creating my own units etc, but i am completly new to this. I have looked around for various tutorials but i still havent found any that really help me. (the site edit source wont load its tutorials page for me for some reason) I was hoping some one out there had a direct link to a site or tutorial that would tell me all about where to find model files in the games TS and RA 2, where i could figure out what files do what, how to get in and edit them, make new ones, insert new ones etc. I have spent a couple hours now going to links finding very little that made any sense to me, so if any one knows of a direct, thorough Modding for dummies manual ,please let me know.. I mean i see lots of stuff talking about voxels and HVAs and i have no idea what voxels or HVA's are, if anyone can help me get started id be much obliged.
  2. MartialPhilosophy

    Downloadable units?

    I know way back in the day of RA 1 some sights had custom units you could down load and easily (relatively) intall. I know i had some things like stealth bombers and weird tanks. Does anyone know if there are sites now that have downloadable custom units for RA 2 or Tiberian sun or even Generals ? If so got links? Thank you.
  3. MartialPhilosophy

    Tiberian Sun Laser Color

    Anyone know how to change the laser color of the nod Laser turret laser? I tried editing the projectile, both the color of it and the inner, outer laser colors etc, and it still always comes up red, anyone know if it can be changed or how to change it? Thanx.