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  1. ant_mcbane

    A Message from the Brotherhood?

    Drunkill has had that except in his sig (from APB forums) for weeks, just ask him, i wouldnt be surprised if he was quite helpful.
  2. IE 7 is good... but its not great, it could have been alot better, all IE 7 is is IE 6 with tabs and RSS thrown in, it is no 'innovation' in my eyes, no offence to the ms peeps over there, but i think it could have been better, i remember back in the days of IE 5, when all they had to worry about was netscape, and it was a sinking ship, however, to all those running Vista RC2, or any version of vista, it looks pretty sweet, and i think thats what they were aiming for. However in my opinion, the way of the future is OPERA! get it HERE! And no... im not an opera employee undercover
  3. ant_mcbane

    Hold Your Horses!

    I find your lack of faith disturbing..
  4. ant_mcbane

    AMD and ATI Join Forces

    conroe chips are faster, but alot of amd's chips havce been prioced so that the price/performance is better than that of intel's so far, amd have the 3800+ x2, 4200+ x2, 4400+ x2, 4600+ x2, 4800 x2 and 5000 x2 beating the curve. And yes, a GPU was made for a reason, and that reason will soon no longer exist, more things will become cpu bound, just a question , by 2010, with your 24 core cpu and 16gb xdr 4000mhz ram, do you honestly think you will need a gpu? By no means will the gpu be dead by 2010, but it will have pretty much gone out of fashion, no matter how demanding games get, there is nothing that will saturate 24 cores, regardless of maker oh and on a side note, i just realised that amd is selling intel motherboards :|
  5. ant_mcbane

    AMD and ATI Join Forces

    imo, nvidia won't be around in 5-10 years, with the birth of 4 cores (kentsfield - intel and K8L - AMD's thunderchild quad core) we will see alot of graphics tasks going on the cpu, as the number of cores increases extremely quicky (intel aims for 24 cores or something like that by 2010, so id expect to see 16 or so), core 2 realeased yesterday, AMD's 65nm in decq1 2007, R600 and G80 coming soon, and Crysis and UT2007 , this is propably one of the best years in the computer hardware business ever for us consumers, amd managed to slap intel right in the face, and now massive innavation has started like we have never seen before, cant wait till 2007 Q3, that quarter will be crazy
  6. ant_mcbane

    new scans @ PPM

    i honestly couldnt care if it comes from craters, as long as it also comes from blossom trees and there is a good explanation for it coming from craters, and these craters are from tiberium filled meteors right? then i think thats a good idea (if thats right)
  7. ant_mcbane

    Will you buy on day of release?

    well i tried , and for full whack do you mean all settings on?, does that mean that it won't support sm 3.0, and openEXR hdr? NOOOOOOO, :'( and 6GB HDD space? Are these new movies in like 1080p res or something?, and on 2 dvd's? Oh and btw, how does vista help? direct x 10 is incompattible with direct x 9.0 , well not incompattible, but you know what i mean, its not just a step up, xp can't use it Oh yea, and off topic: ati just got bought buy amd EDIT: 7.5gb space, omg lol EDIT 2: I dont think well see a geforce 9800 till 2008 or so..
  8. ant_mcbane

    Will you buy on day of release?

    Hmmm, according to the article, c&c 3's particle system is more advanced than that of call of duty 2, if any of you have played Call of Duty 2 of 4aa 16af with all settings on high, you will realise this is no small task, i would presume this game will be like oblivion, and you will need a direct x 9.0 video card or higher, ie nvidia fx series (i wouldnt get one of these if i was paid) and the radeon 9550-9800 and so on, so yes the 9550 will play it, but it won't be pretty, just remember how it was when you played generals on a pentium 2 with a voodoo 2, thats propably what it will be like, if you want a video card that will play c&c 3 well, look for the 7600gt, 7900gt, x1800gto and x1900gt (all those are pci-e and they range from 150usd to 280usd and even cheaper sometimes) Oh and btw, you can get some awesome deals on agp cards, like the x800xt's n x850pro's (which can be flashed to x850xt's if you get lucky) on ati.com (about $120usd) which will run C&C fine on medium settings without hdr and alot of aa or sm3.0 Also the 7600gs has just been released, but unless it gets a little cheaper, id go for the x800's So even though agp is dead, it is still useable. And that was my long whinded and propably ungrammaticle explanation on the propable video req. of c&c 3 explanation
  9. ant_mcbane

    NOD/GDI/Third Side Units.

    yea i guess, what about that mission in fs where you just had a ghost stalker, a juggernaught and a scientist, where they increasing the growth of tiberiums or were they just making fools or themselves praising?
  10. ant_mcbane

    NOD/GDI/Third Side Units.

    renegangsta just gave me an idea... what about if nod had some guy that could heal tiberium, not heal in it, but increase its growing speed through means of worship or something, just an idea
  11. ant_mcbane

    C&C 3 - hazardous

    It shows a harvester harvesting tiberium, and the crystals are there, i sorta like that look for tiberium. check it out! A GDI Harvester collects Tiberium in an undisclosed Yellow Zone
  12. You heard it from me first you can read the announctment from renny on reborn here: http://www.cncreborn.planetcnc.gamespy.com...p?p=36505#36505 and Chronojam on APB here: http://www.apathbeyond.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=8537 the trangames.net team will also be joining them, they now have the largest amount of modders ever for renegade on a single project all working in collaboration.
  13. ant_mcbane

    C&C3 - New Units & Structures

    i dont mind if theyre auroras (or a futuristic equiv.) as long as you cant mass 10-20 on somebody's base, that gets really annoying.
  14. ant_mcbane

    C&C3 - New Units & Structures

    i hated the aurora bomba, dont ask y... i just did
  15. ant_mcbane

    C&C3 - New Units & Structures

    try the lockheed martin x-35/f-35 joint strike fighter but no, ive never seen one in real life, but i may sometime in the future, and theyre new to usa's arsenal, and theyre not going in to service until 2008