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  1. mongoose41

    [RA2/YR] Error Free Destroy Animations

    And we can add damage to the explosion, a screen shake, and radiation? Nice.
  2. mongoose41

    Beowulf's Rules

    Against Easy enemies... Wait until you play 1.6's brutal AI. Muahahahahahahaha! *ph34r* Can you at least make the Easy enemies EASY and the Medium Enemies MEDIUM? Or maybe change it to the 5-difficulties system (I think there's a flag for this in AI settings)
  3. mongoose41

    Beowulf's Rules

    Against Easy enemies...
  4. mongoose41

    Beowulf's Rules

    Game crashes when (Allied) refinery explodes. AI so good it doesn't need a virtual purifier bonus.
  5. mongoose41

    Slow YR

    It is loading about 50 times slower than it used to. But, 959Mhz P3, 512mb ram, NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 64 vid. card. Not very good, But it has slowed dramaticly.
  6. mongoose41

    Slow YR

    1. My Computer caught a virus. 2. Had to re-install everything. 3. YR is very slow. HELP!!!
  7. Exactly how much time do you think I have? I don't have enough time to make full-fledged voxels and finish school assignments
  8. Fixed. What a nice thing to say about someone's first attempt at a voxel/cameo.
  9. mongoose41

    Beowulf's Rules

    Dial-up..... Finally finished downloading. I like the Airpads! So Volkov was in RA1 expansions. Thanks Inferno!
  10. Because it's a lot faster with rules editing? Because it's easy to use? Because it has a GUI? It's very useful. I still use XCC, but being able to add units to the lists with a few clicks beats having to do that manually.
  11. From one wierd unit!
  12. WRONG! Tibed does support adding countries. You just need to check the "edit list manually" button-section on the manual tab.
  13. mongoose41

    Beowulf's Rules

    Ack! >23MB!!! I'll DL at School. Can't wait to see the GGI vet. Trails! What game is Volkov from? RA1? TD?
  14. mongoose41


  15. I like my floating Drill Tank. It literally drills through enemy walls!