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  1. EA spends millions on casting and costume design and they can't make the beret look somewhat realistic?? If a soldier wore his beret like that his commanding officer would smack the **** outta him because it is disgracing the uniform. It isn't that hard for them to get it right. Maybe they should google it.
  2. Out2kill

    Suggestions for Patch 1.1 KW

    Yea, i doubt they will fix the MARV weapon animation but it would be nice, and yes the engineer thing is really annoying sometimes. Another thing i think needs a look at is the ichor seed that the scrin now have is kinda lame. 1000 credits for barly any tib when nod gets a decent amount for 500.. definitely needs looked at
  3. Alright, just got done playing with all the factions and i figured we should start a suggestion thread for the first patch. Hopefully Apoc takes a look at this and passes some of it along. -The MARV Main gun animation when it fires seems a tad weak looking to be honest, maybe redo the animation to make it more devastating. - I fired a direct Ion Cannon blast on a Redeemer and it didn't even take half of its HP down. I know they are called epic units for a reason but i think they should be more vulnerable to a super weapon. I'm still playing around with the different combinations on units so I'll post some more suggestions later, Please everyone post legit suggestions so we can help EA out.
  4. Out2kill

    EA Ship Kane's Wrath

    Its 3:00 am where i'm at (est) and i've had it since about 5pm. Just installed now (just got home from a party after work)
  5. Out2kill

    C&C 3 Expansion Pack Poll

    I don't want to rain on the parade or anything but i would like it if they worked on another balance patch before rushing out another game. The game is still unbalanced in my opinion beyond belief, I don't want the expansion pack to be rushed out and have to be patched 10101 times. I want an amazing addition that fixes balance issues and adds to the story.
  6. Out2kill

    Patch 1.05 Full Notes Revealed

    I dont understand why they made the attack power of rail guns 35% more on mammoth's. its going to be close to one shot kill for most units they face now.
  7. Just wanted to know who decided to use the tiberium bomb at the end of the GDI Missions...I didn't think twice and blew NOD's base straight to hell with it lol.
  8. Out2kill

    CNC3 on Vista 64-bit

    I installed the patch and it works fine now.
  9. Out2kill

    CNC3 on Vista 64-bit

    Ug, i want to play now damnit
  10. Okay guys, Anyone here running vista 64 and gotten cnc3 to run? The demo ran fine but when i try to play it gives me an error telling me to install the latest version of Directx. I have Directx 10 so that message is bogus. I tried running it in compatibility mode with XP but still same error. Any work a rounds?
  11. Yea, I hope they are saving it for the full game cause even with 2 lasers the avatar is **** compared to the mammoth with the rail gun upgrade. and the avatar costs more, it should be able to cloak, sneak up on the mammoth and rip its rail gun off and destroy it. Otherwise the mammoth is way too overpowered.
  12. I also noticed that when the nod rocket troops fire their rockets the red tips of the rockets dont leave the barrel.. (yes im picky). also i thought the avatar was supposed to be able to rip the weapon off almost anything, not just 4 nod vehicles....
  13. I somewhat disagree with the engine handling the game. I am running 2 gigs of corsair xms amd 4800+ at 2.5ghz, and a 8800gts with settings maxed but i can tell that when large battles are going on the game does slow down a tad. Also, when playing as NOD i noticed the ability to seed tiberium, i thought that the scrin where going to be able to do this?
  14. Why in God's name are they not supporting 64-bit Vista. For computers that can handle it like mine it is an amazing improvement over XP. yay EA
  15. It says it supports 32-bit vista in the readme, after restarting i played the demo campaign all the way thru and it didn't crash this time. (Im running Vista 64-bit) and why arent they supporting it?