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  1. Yes, of course. Running on: Windows xp sp2 p4 2,8ghz ht, 1024mb ddr400 ram, Ati radeon 9200 128mb Game is original Tiberian sun, updated 2,03. No previous problems and just installed and played skirmish.
  2. How i can get this work? Playing couple minutes and that appears...
  3. In IPX/SPX setting is Internal network number, default was 0000000 on both computers. I changed my puter to 00000001 and another 00000002 and it worked.
  4. Problem solved. Its pretty quiet here?
  5. we tried play 2 computers lan but first it not find any games... then i installed ipx protocol and its found games, But! now the real problem: Why i cant join the game? It doesnt get any error, "Join" buttot is just like dead. Both games are updated v. 2.03 Can anyone help me with this?
  6. jewe

    Some bug in map 5: Stowaway?

    It seems that game was crashed somehow and it cannot continue. I tried to play that map again and it worked well.
  7. jewe

    Some bug in map 5: Stowaway?

    No, i dont think so. There is only 2 objectives left. 1. Protect prisoners 2. Sabotage torpedo racks Ive done all objectives including those, protected prisoners and sabotaged all torpedo racks and nothing happens. I dont know what to do anymore.
  8. jewe

    Some bug in map 5: Stowaway?

    I cant complete map because i need to sabotage torpedos. I have already sabotaged all what i can find..(6?)No, no... it says all the time "There is torpedos detected in this area..blaablaa.. Is there some bug or something? Why the game is doesnt get "known" that i already done that? I have already saved hostages and taked them down to boat. Someone, please help. Sorry my bad english, try to understant.