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  1. I want to create new units, and make existing ones be built i different places, but I can't. Can someone please explain how to do this? I appreciate any help.
  2. ya that sucked on so many skirmishes i would forget about them and my base would get overrun. and nod's method wasn't efficient, took like 20 weed eaters to keep 1 veinhole under controll. a veinhole wall would be cool. and an explanatoin on wtf the thing is. :10:
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    all your base are belong to us is a cheat code for Empire earth
  4. jacg123


    They aren't bringing blue tib back?? Thats crap. :?
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    so spelling isn't my strong point so what??
  6. my buddy never came that bum. where is he?????......................
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    i havent posted in awhile wtf is going on? i thought this was about tib not how stupid the whole world is (the avereg adult I.Q. is 100{i was 132 at 11 yrs old}) not to brag lol.
  8. i think the color of the tib should be different depending on what it is growing on. and who wants the veinhole monsters back??
  9. Also please leave a reason for your choice. I want to hear all the openions.(spelling?)
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    i would like to see more kinds of tiberum, but espically more mutations like trees that attack or something like a giant venus flytrap
  11. a buddy of mine knows how to beat it, he'll be on tomorrow. He'll tell u how to beat it.
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    Hell March

    hm2 is in english
  13. how do i make final sun work with the first decade ? it says that tiberan sun is not correctly installed. what is up with that? :?: