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  1. That Gen Carville is damn funny and that Vodka addicted Gen Topolov!!! :lol: Very unlike the serious looking FMVs of RA.
  2. The PSX version of Spec Ops missions for PC is available here : http://www.cncnz.com/files/cnc/utils.shtml Btw the special laser firing Orca is not duplicated in the PC version. Special Tks to Rusty Le Cyborg. And now we have all FMV briefings ( of the PSX version) for CS and AM ( including Ant mission) are available for PC as well: http://www.cncworld.org/downloads/index.ph...view&id=341 Special Tks to Nyerguds and I think Rusty Le Cyborg as well.
  3. GenStravos

    CnC Renegade Skins

    Try this site and goto database: http://www.renmaps.de/index.php One of the largest collection of Ren related files