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    edited vehicles not working

    ok i done that and the game launched firestorm. when it was loading i got a message stating: failed to initialize, please reinstall. i reinstalled the game twice and the prob persists. i went to the sun folder but i cant find the tiberian sun exe. im running the first decade btw. it looks like ill have to format my hdd again to get the game working. it was ok before i installed tibed and now i cant get it to work at all. even though ive reinstalled it 4 times
  2. knifepoint

    edited vehicles not working

    yes i saved then placed the file named save 1 into the sun folder. yes i am loading a mission i previously saved. i have also started a new mission and hte problem persists i am editing the rules for the attack buggy. changing the speed from 10 to 15 changing the strength from 220 to 500 and changing the armour to concrete. i am also changing the rules for the train locomotive, changing the speed from 8 to 1 and the same for the train car. i also increase the attack cycle's armour to concrete, speed to 15, strength to 500 and passengers to 6
  3. knifepoint

    edited vehicles not working

    hi, ive just downloaded tibed and edited some vehicles, but they still seem to be the same as what they were before. what could i be doing wrong? this is for tiberian sun btw