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  1. Tiberium Net is 2D arcade game developed by SEF2048 from www.cncseries.ru Features: - Multiplayer & 1 Singleplayer map - Different weapons types - Various multiplayer maps - Soundtrack P.S. Use scroll wheel to change weapon in singleplayer Download (35 MB) Mirror Enjoy!
  2. Tiberium Concept artist Chris Howe said on his site about Duane Loose as Tiberium Art Direcor. I have checked up Duane Loose's site and have found fantastic materials about design development. Enjoy! Design Page DEEP INDUSTRIAL DESIGN GDI STYLE GUIDE Some Screenshots:
  3. Alex_Ch

    Happy New Year from CNCNZ.com

    Happy New Year! Small gift for NY from www.cncseries.ru: 2009 C&C calendars Tiberium Universe | Red Alert Universe | Generals Universe You can print it or use as wallpapers (1600x1200) Happy New Year!
  4. Alex_Ch

    New Screens and info!

    Hi guys! Few old screenshots in high quality: http://cnc3.jino-net.ru/sc3/original/GDI_armored_column.jpg http://cnc3.jino-net.ru/sc3/original/GDI_Forward_Base.jpg http://cnc3.jino-net.ru/sc3/original/Mammoth_In-Game.jpg http://cnc3.jino-net.ru/sc3/original/Mammo...nk_Sentries.jpg http://cnc3.jino-net.ru/sc3/original/Orcas_hovering.jpg