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  1. when trying automatch i get this error cant find automatch server or something evrybody else also because the lobby is crap so automatch was the only fun thing cheers matthy
  2. matthy


    my opinion DONT make it a wanaby battlefield 2 of call of duty game make the gameplay original like in renegade
  3. matthy

    Maps from Kane Edition

    its a map wich you get with the update i think
  4. matthy

    Rollback a patch

    1. install the mod 2. download replay of 1.08 3. run replay 4. dont close the game and enjoy
  5. matthy

    The Subfactions!

    because CABAL was only the beginning :wink:
  6. matthy

    New Kane's Wrath Screen Shots

    the shields of the seekers will probarly only come in a late game and now are the seekers useless in a late game so i am fine with it
  7. matthy

    Build Orders and Strategies

    Crane Ref - Ref <= both off Powe - Ref (refs online) Warf - ref and then spam the Sh*t of it
  8. matthy

    WCG begins today!

    does anyone know where you can find the replay's ive seen dackel play's verry original
  9. ok have you watched it because its unexplainable
  10. Behold Tournament arena first i tried to get to his blue tiberium but that didn't work. then i tried to mcv rush that worked half his whole base was messy but i didn't got his base there was a key turning point. ect. then shadow team and engineers straight to his base that worked also half. good tactics from both players. good micromanagement, buildorders, and a real unique match! who won see it your self! get it here http://www.gamereplays.org/CommandandConqu...ls&id=17967 and review it plz Cheers Matthy (Poepbuddy)
  11. matthy

    Idea for season 2

    make 1 episode of generals and make it like no man generals sucks or red alert meets generals
  12. matthy

    Mobile Sonic Emitters

    make it a disruptor or something **** sonic emmitters are overpowerd and now they are going mobile
  13. Thank You !!! :blech:
  14. Is is possible To canvas size the map? like i have a map made but it is not big enuf can i canvas size it like a image Cheers Matthy
  15. W00000000000000000000000000000000000t looking gooohood