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  1. MagicYuri

    Communism Discussion

    Cygnus: the mind of the common man is closed to such opinions simply because he dosen't understand that they (and defacto you) are crrect, thus read them and TRY to understand them. You are right, people should think that way but, despite what some say, most people don't change. What brings us to the conclusion: They won't listen to you, people never listen to the smart, thinking, men. Instead they call them stupid and crazy. History proves this, and so does man by his actions
  2. MagicYuri

    Star Wars FPS

    Damn! Awsome! You can almost fell the FORCE in this title ! Can't wait! Even though I don't posess an X360 (buuu... )
  3. MagicYuri

    hey just lettin you know

    It's good that we still have people on this world that sacrifice some of their "precious" time to try to help others who may seek it (help I mean). Keep up the good work fellow traveler.
  4. MagicYuri

    Funny Quotes

    I loved it when HK said that! I laughed my a$$ off ! I also laughed when I heard this: "You know what's the problem with the youth these days?! They're young!" - Jolee Bindo I only wished I couldn't tell him something like "well... no sh*t old man!" ha ha
  5. MagicYuri

    Funny Quotes

    "every non-sense has it's sense" - what makes no sense at all , a polish language teacher, not mine.
  6. MagicYuri

    Funny Quotes

    I think this one is rather known (not to mention true): "A lie told a hundret times over becomes fact" - Joseph Gebbels Just don't take me for a nazi or anything . Oh and here's a good one(regarding FPS games): "A reload is like a full bladder, it always shows up at the wrong time" - a personal friend of mine And my personal favorite: "Life is brutal and full of traps that sometimes may kick you in the a$$" - my history teacher
  7. MagicYuri

    Best admin to contact

    Sonic or C&C King. However you're questions may be answered in the "rules" section
  8. MagicYuri

    WOW They left alot of stuff out... o.O

    I think the man has a point. This is his project, his work, not your's. You can't tell him what he should or shouldn't do. As to the balance. It's a question of taste. If a guy likes to oblidirate the enemy without any competition FINE, BE THAT WAY. Some on the other hand prefer some sport, so what? BE THAT WAY as well.
  9. Look's like the first option... ah what the hell. Who cares he he
  10. MagicYuri

    Top Ten Video Game Weapons

    Damn man... that's weak
  11. Dude you're playing with some heavy fire right there . You'd be wise not to he he. I mean the sentence under the line. Either you want to get banned fast or you got balls fellow traveler
  12. Heeeey take it easy Beowulf. It's just a suggestion (not entirely serious anyway). A better suggestion, however, is to lengthen the "life time" of a thread (1-2 months? No wonder people write about the forum being dead). But remember, this is just a suggestion (a bit more serious but still...), not an attempt to question the authority of the admin's (hell hath no fury like an admin scouned or something like that)
  13. MagicYuri

    I Tell Ya...

    And what about this? The emoticon is quite out of place
  14. MagicYuri

    Top Ten Video Game Weapons

    Yeah, he's got a point. Not everyone's got the dough to keep upgrading you're PC (if you have one at all). I got an Xbox and a PS2 myself (proud of it too )
  15. MagicYuri

    Top Ten Video Game Weapons

    Isn't Portal a official HL2 mod?