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  1. TIBERIUM and renegade 2 did the most pain to my heart Especialy TIBERIUM. I just loved the commando style with Deployable squads and fighting aliens
  2. I would even embrace a new universe! As long as the OLD C&C FORMULA is back!!
  3. If it is a FPS like TIBERIUM i"de buy it
  4. I like this, and i hope they make new units aswel
  5. Ye, why move to a complelty unknown engine to the devs with the only increase is graphics? Nah W3D ftw anyday! ALSO those with problems with the launcher, a quick reinstall solved all of my problems
  6. i also highly have my doubts................
  7. Good to see that you guys visit Community sites like this APOC was first in doing this, and its great AND important that you guys pick up the line For some reason, my hope is being restored a little bit in C&C :'-)
  8. lol a german tiger tank
  9. ORCaLoVeR

    Latest Renegade X News

    They sure made Sydney and Hotwire good looking
  10. That has been EA policy all the time, financial problems or not The adding of extra maps is great though. I might now buy C&C4 because it has more then 12 maps. And it seems their are alot of fan made maps aswel
  11. Indeed. I remeber seeing C&C3 and KW all the way to the sixth place. And staying on that place strong for 2-3 weeks. But then Call of duty WAW was released if i recall, it was a call of duty, and then it went back. But still stayed in the top 20 for very long
  12. The numbers are very low on Xfire, i remeber C&C3 and Kane"s wrath making and staying in the top 10 for 2 weeks http://www.xfire.com/games/cnc4tt/Command_...erian_Twilight/
  13. They truly defined each faction aswel GDI simply looks like a high tech powerhouse. Nod resembles stealthy,sneaky and Brotherhood like signs.
  14. Everything what Mighty Bob! said C&C tiberian sun was the very first game i truly played. The day i saw this GDI cutscene, i was sold to C&C and GDI forever and when i saw the mammoth Cutscene, i just wanted all of them. In a week, i bought Red alert and C&C1, then i bought FS. Then i bought red alert 2. And thats when it became...downhill for me.