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  1. How the hell is Modern Warfare 2 positioned lower then C&C4? And how can The Sims be 4 times in this list? I wonder with what facts they made this list, because this doesn't really represent the top11 games...
  2. More like the fact that the blue light is from the upcoming ion cannon outside.
  3. Sneaky Smiley

    Command & Conquer 4: Special Edition?

    Yeah that site of the 1st post is, but not where I live
  4. Sneaky Smiley

    Command & Conquer 4: Special Edition?

    I'm Dutch, and I can confirm this is true. Yesterday I was at a shop, and I've seen a black box with big letters printed on it(in Dutch): Pre-order Command & Conquer 4 and receive automatically the Special Edition on the day of release! That was all the info that there was at the shop. The box was plain and emply, and I couldn't get any wiser via the cashier. Didn't bought it yet though. I'm not planning to buy C&C4 right away. I was thinking to get it some time after the release, so I know the thoughts about the game from other people. Also, the price of the SE was the same as the normal edition would probably be: 50 euro's.
  5. Have you tried this? http://cncnz.com/features/tech/ccxpfix.php This is the only way I know to try C&C1 working on xp.
  6. Sneaky Smiley

    Tiberium Legos: Episode 4

    It makes me play the C&C dawn again
  7. lol fits at my online name btw does anyone have harvester as result? ^^
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    Online Nicks

  9. Sneaky Smiley

    Congats C&C 3 and EA!

    Don't we all love Marcel Marcel Mime Time Fun
  10. Sneaky Smiley

    Congats C&C 3 and EA!

    Nice! C&C3 has beaten BF2142 (well that wouldn't be a suprise) Also, it's on 7th place now! hopely it'll keep it up at this position
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    Now Playing - Music

    jeckyll & hyde - freefall
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    Rally Point

    Looks like a good bug to put it on the bug list, the sticky topic Hopely EA still can fix this bug
  13. Turn the AI in Nod then, maybe that helps
  14. Sneaky Smiley

    Favourite unit, thus far.

    I'm sure Juggernauts and snipers will play a big role in some GDI missions. Such missions when you only got a few units and no base, need to kill many enemys and also maybe destroy bases. You had plenty of such missions at other cnc games.
  15. Sneaky Smiley

    Mammoth MKII