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  1. Hi at all!! 8) at first, sorry for my poor english, im from swiss. I will give my best at it :oops: Maybe you guys know Armed Assault? its a new game, but it is not released yet, maybe you guys heard about it. Here some shots about Armed Assault: http://armed-assault.de/screenshots/5_1_1045.jpg http://armed-assault.de/screenshots/3_1_1043.jpg http://armed-assault.de/screenshots/worthp...06-1_1_1027.jpg http://ofp.gamepark.cz/news/pics3/arma%20pressrelczd1.jpg http://ofp.gamepark.cz/news/pics3/arma%20pressrelczd6.jpg And here the official webpage of armed assault http://www.armedassault.com/ It is an update of Operation Flashpoint, and our mod is/was for Operation Flashpoint and we will do it now for Armed Assault. At the moment we are just waiting for the release date for this game. But i would like to say to you that a Tiberian Sun mod will be in this game :rockin: and this mod will rock for sure! at our homepage you can find some videos, one is the walk animation of the GDI Juggernaut and one is the Build menu from C&C what really works in our mod, you can build your own base(s) and units, and you can use those units, and defense buildings. But that video is really old, and has got a status of ALPHA :mrgreen: Maybe you will not be interested at it, or maybe you will be. Ok, now about my Modification! Our modification is called C&C Tiberian Sun Genesis, we want to get you the feeling to fight with NOD or with GDI in 3d, that you can see how big, how funny, and just how GREAT Tiberian Sun is/was!! You will be able to build your own base(s) on islands like 400m²!!! You will be able to see the Tiberium in 3d, and for sure if you walk trough the tiberium you will die as a normal GDI or NOD soldier :mrgreen: Atm how i have said we are waiting for the release date and we cant do much more as only modeling some units and buildings. So here we go, some shots for you! We are searching a community, so please help us to create a community :oops: , if you have got some interests at this modification, so please register in our forums and post your questions and ideas! Here is our homepage: http://www.tiberian-genesis.com Forum is new/./ Thx you all, for reading this topic! ltrs Sen†ry ²°°³