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  1. osey 2003

    Are EA Losing Grip??

    Come to think of it EA might have just ruined the C&C franchise, however the former westwood and EA employees at Petroglyph studios did say thay had somthing to impress us?? this may not be another C&C by name but hopefully will be very close to the way C&C was before the EA takeover. Have to admit tho, NFSU2 is a great game but it seems to be quantity and not quality with EA.
  2. Thats if he is willing to pay the money, i think those cards sell for around £270.00
  3. osey 2003


    Gaz i have XP Pro and my Renegade works fine :roll:
  4. osey 2003

    Westwood Online/Renegade Problem

    playing on the european or pacific servers i usualy get arround 30 games on each server, i dont use gamespy though sonic i think WOL is great but you usualy do find more servers on gamespy.....
  5. osey 2003

    Formatting My Computer

    I dunno if this will work for win 98 but go into add/remove programes in XP and see if u can see windows 98 and uninstall it or click on the add/remove windows components button it worked on my old machine when i wanted Win 2000 off and just XP on
  6. osey 2003


    C&C World Rebellion is our mod, but we need some more staff also....
  7. osey 2003

    New Look CNCNZ.com Launched!

    Looks cool Sonic, very different from the previous........ and a site for sore eyes, :wink:
  8. Thierry, are you planing on using generals original map textures for the maps or will there be new ones? and what sorta map's u wanting me to make? maybe the mod will start as multiplayer and then work its way to single player liek the rest of them? and btw... maybe we shuld start a new thread for posting comments about the mod etc in cus this is Gideonx's thread and i think we going slightly off topic....... :?
  9. sure but we cant get full up n running till we have a coder.......... and im pretty sure adding moded units to WB isnt too hard besides we have the forums community to ask.... :wink:
  10. Thats cool but g-max isnt my strong point i know how to make the correct shape of the tank etc but boning modles is somthing i havent done yet so if i help i guess the best i culd do wuld be to make maps at the moment though..... 1. As Gazdude says we gonna need a coder 2. A modeler i (preferably 2) 3. A mapper (thats me :roll: ) 4. A good skinner and some 1 who is good with Adobe Photoshop or Jasc Paintshop for some nice textures and menu conversions etc...
  11. osey 2003


    im only on the mission where you first see the little mutant monkeys in the cave and they kill u with 2 swipes haevnt bothered playing till i get a Geforce 6800 cus my current card shows shadows as pink and the water dissapears sometimes....
  12. u can make ur tank whatever way u want thats easy and so are the animations the hardest part is the skinning (uv wrap) but make sure when ur making ur models to keep the polygon count as low as possible as too many can slow the game down
  13. Game manufacturers like EA record voices etc in a recording studio im not sure if you could do such a thing with a computer microphone but yet again ask Gideon :wink:
  14. osey 2003

    Generals/Zero Hour voxel editor

    i think you might have to use a programe like big pop to put ur unit into the directory which houses the units/structures in generals/zh i have no idea what it is though