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  1. Them Hobbits play tricksy on us, Smeagol
  2. Kingofall

    luk3us' Avatar??

    My avtar OWNS
  3. Kingofall

    Now Playing - Music

    My Dying Bride - The Bitterness and The Beravement next: Tristania - Circus
  4. Kingofall

    I am new- HELP

    Just click on profiles and go down a bit
  5. Kingofall

    Command & Conquer III?

    hey Cabal there is always hope right? as for others; talking about I cant beleive they would buy Westwood then fire half the staff..... n etc.. wont do much now, wuts done is done, ur just expressing the hate you have for EA. I've been here long enough and signed too many petitions nuttin worked petroglyph may be our hope but then again it wont have the CnC name nd in the end it would be Ex-Westwood employees (Petroglyph) Vs Ex-Westwood emplyees (Ea Gaems)
  6. Kingofall

    Command & Conquer III?

    well deezire was in EALA studios a couple of days ago, this is what he wrote on his main page it might not be CnCIII, but atleast i hope it is sumtin
  7. Kingofall

    Command & Conquer III?

    well lets hope the concept still has some hope
  8. Kingofall

    Problem with DAT file

    it depends, if it is one WHOLE MOVIE, then dun change it into anything the media player should be able to open it or a XingPlayer etc.... if it is a collection of movies from a game or so well which game?
  9. u need a big editor to get the ini files (my fav: XCC mixer) Use XCC universal container reader Open INIZH.big Extract wut u need and mod ur brains out
  10. Kingofall

    Command & Conquer III?

    i was wondering would you prefer the construction method to be like generals or the old cnc style (right menu) ? Well i hope we hear sumtin offical soon, i mean if this has leaked it would be in EA's best intrest to come out clean (well atleast i hope )
  11. Kingofall

    Command & Conquer III?

    if it is CNCIII HALLELOOULYA! but if it is, nd the team that made CnCGen is working on the LOTR game, who is exactly working on CNCIII? ????????????
  12. Kingofall

    Do you consider rushing cheating?

    i prefer the demolition general the most, good as a rush and as an anti rush + u dun need much defenses, the combat cycles will do Quad Scorpions SCUD & Buggy thats my dream team GLA r the best for rushin in my opinion, send the first worker to ur enemies base and make him cry from your tunnel networks, Fast and 2 Rocket Infantry
  13. Kingofall

    Favourite foregin country

    BRazil, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine
  14. Kingofall

    Help Pick a New Slogan for the Forums

    How about Commanding Vetrans Since 97
  15. Kingofall

    What R U Listening 2 [Gothic Music Anyone?]

    its not about gettin over metallica, i just like the more depressin/sad/growlin/heavy style, as for heavy metal, i like sepultura, sinoustries i am gonna check out opeth btw if you want a good peer 2 peer program which contains A L O T of metal/gothic etc.. songs nd dun like kazza check out soul seek i forgot da link 2 da main page but do a yahoo search and youll find it in a sec.