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  1. Philippines' Freelance General -???- Philippines' Guerilla General which serve Phil. Army secretly. It has own unique strategy that can eliminate its enemy! Building: Geo Fission Plant An Fission Plant advance by geothermal power. Can store energy and used it when needed. Cost: 1000 Soldier Bay Use to train it's army faster, when a wounded soldier is near it's hp will recover fast. Cost: 800 Dual Ore Refinery An Ore Refiney Enable the two ore miners creates much faster in supplying money on Phil. army. Cost: 2000 Underground Airfield An undergrounds airfield that protects it's aircraft on underground. Can store up to 5 aircrafts. Cost:2500
  2. Sir where can i download RA2:General and YR:Chaos War email me!
  3. Hi to all can anybody PLEASE :oops: give me the download station of YR: Chaos War!