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  1. YEESSSSS!!!! I just saw the trailer!!!! amazing !!!!!! and we'v got blood too!!!!!
  2. vyper

    id making Doom 4

    it will be interesting to see what they do, because Id has mainly been focusing on engine develpment and gfx tech, with amazing results , but not on the gameplay. I think that the highly competetive nature of todays FPS genre isnt gonna let Id get away with a run-of-the-mill shooter and they definitely know that.
  3. nah, i'm not an ea-basher. No matter which way EA go with this, i am gonna buy and enjoy red alert 3. every C&C fan loved RA2 regardless of whether they thought it should be wacky or serious becuase of the super gameplay, and i am not an exception..... but that doesnt mean that some fans didnt prefer serious. Anyway, I fully support EA and i honestly dont doubt their commitment to making a great game.
  4. vyper

    id making Doom 4

    yes , another doom is in the making.... ign doom 4 link
  5. No doubt the old ' bang POW ' stuff is entertaining, but that was back in the 60s when comics were perceived as being for kids only........ anyway, warner tried to do the same tihng with the 90s movies and nearly killed off the franchise because you cant deny the fact that the basis for batman is something really dark and serious. you just cant ignore that. Similarly you have red alert. Ok its not as dark or serious as batman ( and shouldnt be ), but its not totally retarded either. A balance needs to be struck. I just hope that EA doesnt ignore the origins of the Red Alert universe just like Warner ignored the origins of batman. .
  6. yeah, red alert had its moments , and theres nothing wrong with that....... but those moments didnt come at the expense of the sci-fi story line. Maybe you guys are right that red alert should portray the goofy side of C&C to keep the franchise diverse, but look, I certainly dont want red alert 3 to be C&C Retarded 3.0. And there is a reason that the topic refers to the batman franchise because that is like a case study for this kind of situation. .
  7. i'm not saying that red alert is not going to be good. Obviously everyone on these boards is gonna buy it. All i'm saying is that there is a serious dimension to this game as well which has some real sci-fi potential, which should definitely not be ignored. This much is clear that EA are throwing in alot of campiness. I want that to be balanced by some serious stuff so that the feel of Red Alert 3 is like an action/sci-fi movie with a bit of humor thrown in, but what I dont want is for Red alert 3 to be in the 'spoof/comedy' genre.
  8. Well it seems red alert is gonna have a really campy feel to it. A word of caution to EA regarding this : The batman movies started out as really serious but as the franchise moved on , they just got campier and campier and the essence of batman was lost. Thankfully , warnerbros realized their mistake and revamped the series with batman begins. I hope that EA doesnt make the same mistake cause ultimately, red alert is a serious game..... its a fusion of sci-fi and alternate reality...kind of like a different take on history.......but definitely not the kind that you would see in something like ' meet the spartans '. .
  9. yo know , when i see those xenomorphs exploding in splashes of green , it reminds me so much of starship troopers.......... you need that kind of visceral satisfaction to conclude a succsessful strategy or maneover. thats why, beating your opponent will be more FUN as compared to red alert 3. .
  10. you know, I never really got that satisfactory feeling of crushing infantry since the old red alert. that sound .......and the squashed tomato that it left behind. .
  11. Assuming that both games have equal gameplay or even red alert has it better, theres something that will give SC2 an edge: Blood. red alert 3 will not have it but SC2 will have loads of it.
  12. yeah your right, ive always assumed that when a game scores like that , there has to be SOMETHING about it that is revolutionary......however, the review in question dosnt give even ONE reason why the game scored so high.......suggesting that gamespot reviewers have reached new heights of decadence. .
  13. OK so its been released and gamespot gave it 9.5! There has to be something extraordinary in it to get a score like that.
  14. pleeeeeeeease dont let this degrade into another zero hour vs generals thread......... This game has alot of potential. But i dont know why it doesnt have any hype surrounding it when at this point, i think it deserves to be one of the most anticipated rts's of the year.
  15. yeah i know, its obviously not going to be a c&c game, as for starters, there is no base building. And it has only real life , conventional weapons and at most, nukes.......but boy is that 1 HUGE nuke!!! It doesnt matter whether it has the sci fi touch of c&c or not, its just that watching the videos and reading the previews gave me that feel of Red Alert.