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    Sites with tutorials

    The editingsource.net link is not right, it takes me to a search engine.
  2. Liam Riordan

    [YR] Keep Those Rotors Spinning

    Wow thank you very much, I love the Hind's they're brilliant :wink:
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    I am having some trouble

    Ok I have been having some trouble with TibEd. Here is a few: I have added a new unit which I call the "Eurofighter" it is a harrier with 2 ammo slots and heavier armour and a 2000 cost. Problem is, I can queue more than 4 in the build list for just 1 airforce command. After say 5 minutes of playing RA2 after the changes I made, it has an internal error and crashes, I never have that normally. I created a unit called the "Chinook Heavy Transport" I basically copied from the 'Nighthawk Transport' coding, but I added the Chinook with a the 'Grizzly Tanks' 105mm cannon, but it only fires once and thats the end of it. I tried adding a faction called 'Wales' but when I try to play with that side, the game crashes. I added the name Wales into the "Sides" option in the Rules.ini using tibed but it still crashes. I am trying to create a unit I call a "Surgical Striker" aircraft that can gun down ground units with the 'Navy SEAL' MP5 weapon in the Primary slot. But it is also able to use the 'Kirov Airship' bomb or 'BlimpBomb' against enemy buildings. It guns down enemy units no sweat after using countless ammo, but when I try to bomb buildings, it fires, the problem is the bomb coninues on te path the aircraft was travelling in instead of falling to the ground. Do I have to just make a fighter have one capability? Or did I miss something? Ok that's it from me, I appreciate all help! NOTE: All this is using RA2 TibEd not YR.[/color]