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    Magicka 2 Counter-Strike: Source
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  3. TheProwe

    Battlefield 4 System Requirements

    Strange when 32-bit Windows OS can't fully make use of 4GB of RAM.. I'm fairly sure it'll still run fine (subjective and MP is out of the question) with only 2GB RAM (provided enough memory is allocated for the game).. Wouldn't be surprised if CnC F2P would have the same or similar minimum requirements..
  4. Another alternative solution is to add "-xres n -yres n" in the shortcut Target.. xres being width and yres being height.. e.g. "D:\Games\EA Games\Command and Conquer Generals\generals.exe" -xres 1680 -yres 1050 This is better than the .INI edit since every start will automatically result in widescreen unlike the .INI edit where if resolution where changed you'll have to do the .INI edit again.. Though you can set the .INI to Read-only attribute, you'll have to untick the Read-only attrib when you want to change other settings present..
  5. Have you updated (or reinstalled) to the latest DirectX9?. Windows 7 being DX11 is irrelevant.. Dependencies sill have to be updated.. Are you playing the game on battery and on low profile (power mode)?. Try high performance profile.. Check the fragmentation level of the drive Kane's Wrath is installed in (I am assuming this is a traditional mechanical drive and not a SSD).. This is unlikely but can still cause slowdowns.. Do not play on medium or higher if you are indeed using the on-die graphics of the Celeron.. Though you can get past his by instead setting Shader Detail to lowest even if everything else is on Medium preset..
  6. I have no qualms about "cinematic experience" or games with not much gameplay.. Different people have different tastes.. There are people that just want to look around and there are those that'll blow up anything in sight.. Wouldn't you agree that it is also laziness when developers only focus on the current wants of [the bulk of] customers?. Barely improving anything and re-releasing the stuff year in and year out.. if you don't like it, then avoid it.. You fall under a different market or demographic--go buy stuff you like and only judge another genre if you are capable of being rational..
  7. Just did an update / sidegrade for my main to an Intel Core i5-650 (stock) CPU and Intel DH55PJ Desktop Board.. Everything else is the same but added in bold some missed details and italicized components that have been changed (CPU and Mboard)..
  8. TheProwe

    Now Playing - Games

    ACM and Alien Swarm are barely similar even in gameplay, but I was hoping ACM would have similar mechanics (AI squad, etc.) to SW Republic Commando, which wasn't the case.. And Gearbox didn't develop the game alone but they probably deserve the negative attention since they were the one contracted to develop the game.. It could have been an excellent Aliens game.. Currently playing Counter-Strike Source..
  9. TheProwe

    What mobile device do you currently use?

    A Samsung C3300K Champ (http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_c3300k_champ-3346.php).. My HTC Touch Diamond (WinMo 6.1) gave up a few months ago and used it as my primary phone in conjunction with the Champ being secondary.. I've been eying a Nokia Lumia even before my HTC gave up and I probably can get one this August or hopefully earlier.. A Lumia 7xx or lower is what I'll mostly be getting, unless my provider has an offer that is too good too resist..
  10. Maybe it'll be a paid singleplayer and / or co-op campaign(s).. Sounds reasonably to me especially if sold for a fair price..
  11. Alien Swarm is not a F2P game.. Besides, how should Valve have gone with Dota 2?. Paid characters?. I'm still in reservation as to how they can pull this F2P game off..
  12. TheProwe

    Adobe Creative Suite 2 for free, temporarily

    It's fairly easy, but you can't do much effects by itself (nor are you supposed to but you can)..
  13. TheProwe

    Your top ten favorite freeware games

    Inaccurate use of the term freeware.. Open source and free-to-play are not freeware or free.. Red Alert up the top for me..
  14. TheProwe

    THQ files for bankruptcy

    Clearlake Capital Group is no ordinary buyer.. Such is an investment firm and they'll be selling / bidding THQ..