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    Making mods and sharing them to the public
  1. modsonly

    TibEd 2 status

    All hate you and koen THE LOSERS!
  2. modsonly

    TibEd 2 status

    ??? If you look closely I have made tibed.net an artiflate of my site.
  3. modsonly

    TibEd 2 status

    for info visit http://www.freewebs.com/modsonly/
  4. modsonly

    TibEd 2 status

    if it was YR or earlyer IT WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE Well now what game remains huh? ITS FOR ZERO HOUR!!!!!
  5. modsonly

    TibEd 2 status

    this topic.... That was the joke HURRY IT UP WITH THE ADDING UNITS SO I CAN MAKE MY MOD!!!!
  6. thanx for suggesting that for alpha 11. Ps koen i hav Alpha 10 Give me a shout when thats ready
  7. modsonly

    TibEd 2 status

    I CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. modsonly

    TibEd 2 status

    when will tibed2 support adding new stuff. (Making Mods)
  9. modsonly

    Aircraft Carrier

    just get EA To make a patch that allows zero Hour to suport it I dont have it yet
  10. modsonly

    Buying Tibed

    well just hurry the adding part
  11. modsonly

    TibEd 2 alpha 10 prerelease

    boring! when will add units appear
  12. modsonly

    Buying Tibed

    Dude WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY JUST FOR THAT. I mean even the Ading Sw doesnt work
  13. modsonly

    TibEd 2 status

    can we hurry the add units part. My mod project is on hold due to this Project:Lasna mod 3 new teams over 100 new units over 50 new buildings project status: On hold