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  1. Im glad EA finally can see when a game is bad and not bad. But just giving up is silly. Instead they could have made the game with lower graphics. Aiming for "Crysis" graphics is just stupid since only about 10% of computers in the world can run it in full graphics. (just a guess) I didn't mind if it was Counter-Strike 1,6 graphics,. That would only increase gameplay of the game.
  2. JahSpoR

    DUNE Theory

    okay. that proves you kinda didn't get the point of this thread nice theori anyways.
  3. JahSpoR

    C&C units

    Well.. im also a bit confused here. Units from C&C3 looks more advanced (to me) than the units in TS yet the apocalyptic atmosphere vanished totally when C&C3 was made,. even though it's supposed to be later it just seems oposite. nonsense right? I don't know,. maybe it's me, but if things get more wierder with C&C games I think ill just quit paying for them. C&C used to be the only games I wanted to pay for. I like originality and atmosphere. For now ill support games like STALKER, untill EA has released TIBERIUM. Then ill see if I come back.
  4. JahSpoR

    EA Is Facing Lawsuit over Securom DRM

    so it's like a spying app that comes with spore and can't get uninstalled? well.. it can't be nearly as "privacy robbing" as google apps is. I hope that app didn't come with the invisible cd I used
  5. JahSpoR

    Bio is Back

    so your'e saying sarcasm is a personality then? wb bio
  6. JahSpoR

    We're All Going To Die!

    I hope theire not mad scientists.
  7. JahSpoR

    Necron Ressurection!

    so you just thought you could leave us?! guess thats fair enough. Wb-
  8. JahSpoR


    Spore exeeded my expectations (in childish level) First phase where your'e on land is allright but the other phases are retarded. play it, don't pay it.
  9. JahSpoR

    Shodirkadirka Elections

    raise them, feed them and eat them, but don't you beat them!
  10. JahSpoR

    Shodirkadirka Elections

    let's just all get married and have lots of noughty times. and/or die together/not
  11. JahSpoR

    We Die!?

    So scientists in switzerland are playing big bang inside a mountain. What if that black hole swallows the planet or even the whole galxy? what if they have like a gordon freeman who comes late and makes the test uba fail.,? we are so dead if this nucks up! O.O on the otherhand we get supa computers and stuff if they succed. Im back and paranoid as hell,
  12. JahSpoR

    Cabinets anyone?

    Haya fellas,. I could need some help where to buy a neat cabinet. My XPS laptop is bombed back to the stoneage since my nvidia graphics card is dead. So I shoveled forth my old pc from the basement, and it seems to have very nice stuff inside. But I need a new cabinet
  13. JahSpoR

    id making Doom 4

    now what's wrong with the q3 engine?,. I think it's awesome.
  14. JahSpoR

    Post Your Internet Speeds

    it's a little above avarage I guess ^^
  15. JahSpoR

    best thing in ra3

    you now have time to command, and decide what to conquer
  16. make games, not drugs! it only gets better and better.
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    Now Playing - Music

    2 Vibez - The Night is Mine
  18. Mass human battles would be awsome. When core defender arrives: ZAP. everyone bites the dust!
  19. JahSpoR

    Why is TIBERIUM capitalized?

    Nah,. they must build a tower with the aliens to mars so they can seed mushrooms together. World will live in extaze and everyones happy. Da ultimate victory!
  20. JahSpoR

    id making Doom 4

    Im so glad ID keeps going. Doom 4 !! respect.
  21. JahSpoR

    Mah New Jeep

    nice. think im getting a Civic or a Lancer. actually signed in for car license today. It's just damn expensive
  22. JahSpoR

    Westwood VS Blizzard at 1UP.com

    tricked by the candy man gneh
  23. JahSpoR

    So the 360 it is!

    First I wanted a PS3 after I played one at a store. But now when Iv'e seen how the 360 works, I am really considering what I should buy. Money is not the problem, But wich is best? (graphics wise and speed wise) And hell no Im not getting a wii.
  24. JahSpoR

    Favourite SuperWeapon?

    4 really took Yuris Mutator?.. Useless!!
  25. JahSpoR

    yo c&c peeps

    well you got that right. congrats