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  1. Webboy

    Why Mark Skaggs Quit EA

    this is actually a kind of film trailer, but I guess as you all might know, the trailer is usually the best part of the entire film. well...I'm thinking about releasing the English original full interview here at CNCNZ, any interest?
  2. Webboy

    Eurogamer's Live C&C 4 Q&A

    it's funny, isn't it? YOU HAVE TO REJOIN YOUR ****OWN**** SINGLEPLAYER CAMPAIGN!!!! it's either the biggest revolution ever since the original C&C or the biggest joke ever in the industry..
  3. Webboy

    Sean Decker Named New EALA GM

    yes...Mike was the one who certainly brought C&C franchise to its revival. We can't judge anybody just because you and me we both personally may not like the game.
  4. well, Facebook is THE modern way finding a person. BTW..breaking (*shocking*) news... Mike Verdu left EALA on Thursday. He moved to San Francisco to join Zynga Inc. Zynga claims themselves to be the biggest social network gaming company.. Mike will be the "VP of Game" at Zynga.
  5. well, interesting... I didn't know that he was the lead designer of Tiberian Dawn... hopefully I can find him...
  6. well, I guess she was having a baby at that time... but I also doubt if EA ever asked her to do EVA's voice. Kia is a kind person, I really enjoyed talking to her...
  7. Well, I didn't see any sites either C&C sites or Petroglyph fan-sites reporting about it. Anyway I just want to tell you that there is still a Petroglyph...
  8. oh yeah! I love that game...this is still the best RTS for me until now. I used Space Marine and took off space port and conquer 2 isles which give you 2 veteran Terminator..then.. well there are no frightend moment anymore, because they are f****** damn powerful.
  9. Webboy

    Vote for C&C 3 at Voodoo Extreme

    this is in the news. I know it's a joke...but I believe in miracle!!
  10. it was a great article. this article is the most impressive article that connect the reality. i'm an atheist, the story of bible didn't really interest me at all, but this time, I see a kinda revelation that is probably going to be true.
  11. ......there is a big, huge misunderstand... I STAND FOR A CHINESE COMMUNITY. the joke was also from my boss in CHINA. I'm just living in Germany now. And I have really not many thing to do with german Community. BUT they had always some exclusive news that you don't have. for example there was HD Video of CNC3 Gameplay recorded in Leipzig during the GamesConvention with commentation of Mike Verdu, I had never seen this Video in any other sites but german and mine naturally. I must agree that there is also a big fan base in German, In CNC-Source Top 100 site German sites aren't for nothing in first places.
  12. Zee, I just signed up cause I've listened to your podcast, and I just hope you remember who I am. I just wanna say something to this community thing. We, Chinese Community, had the same problem as you still have. well I'm not really so active in German community, thus I can't compare both chinese and german community, but I try to compare my community and yours. When Westwood was shut down or "fused with EA Pacific" by EA, everyone was shocked, all dirty words were used to abuse, to blame EA. A joke from my boss was: Westwood is like your wife, you can do everything outside, when you come back home, she will always serve you at best; Petroglyph is a mistress, not as good as a wife, but still a sweet heart. EA is a b*tch, you can treat her whatever you want as long as you pay for her. I am quite happy now because we didn't fullfill this joke to our basic idea of reporting. Maybe we just also report about Petroplyph, and the community noticed that Petro didn't make game that can really convince us not to continue to damn EA. As King said there are all kinds of people around the world, and the community is just like a miniature of this world. We still have people, too, who's angry at EA. BUT they are just a minority of us. And most of our people are such enthused, I just read a topic hours before, someone said that he dreamed about playing CNC3.