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  1. battletroop27

    Where did your username come from?

    back in the day (quite a few years ago) when i still liked Lego and went on their website often, I was trying to make my own website and stuff (I wonder if they still let you know this). Around this time I was a Red Alert freak too, so I thought "battle" and "troop". I entered this name but someone already had it so they suggested "battletroop27". Hence the name.
  2. battletroop27

    King of the Hill

    the scooby-doo gang unmasks auron and so the police haul him away right after you mutter "It's all thanks to those meddling kids and that mutt." my hill.
  3. battletroop27

    Word Association Game

  4. battletroop27

    King of the Hill

    a buncha computer geeks come and beat SSTG to death for incorrectly saying ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US. my hill!
  5. battletroop27

    Word Association Game

  6. battletroop27

    King of the Hill

    Auron gets banned for repeatedly posting "My hill!" and "Mine!" my hill now.
  7. battletroop27

    King of the Hill

    i quickly dig a hole, massing up a large pile of dirt. Me: LOOK OVER THERE AURON! You've been standing on the wrong hill, you idiot! *Auron runs over to the pile of dirt* my hill once again!
  8. battletroop27

    Word Association Game

  9. battletroop27

    King of the Hill

    having no avatar, Fenris does not exist. my hill.
  10. battletroop27

    Desktop / Avatar / Sig Showing Off Thread

    i love me avatar. it's a sketch of a halo 2 UNSC marine i believe. my quote is self-explanatory
  11. battletroop27

    Porn Infested Computer...

    ooh.still. i knew about them since i was 6 years old lol
  12. battletroop27

    Word Association Game

  13. battletroop27

    King of the Hill

    i erase the drawing in sage's avatar. he no longer exists. my hill.
  14. battletroop27

    Porn Infested Computer...

    i'm amazed the kids didn't know about porno already. i mean, they're in high school. how could they not know about porn if they have limewire?