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  1. Luk3us

    OH NOES!


  3. C&C 3!!!!!! :D :) Me very happy.
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    Luk3us' Status

    I know him.
  5. )

    Lions tour

    Ahh... Truth... It isn't that bad... Better than American Football. With all their body armour.. Pussies...
  6. )

    Luk3us' Status

    pff... That guy is such a loser. woot 20 posts over 2 years!! Now to return to my awesome rock of coolness 8) 8)
  7. )

    Lions tour

    So what do all ye UK peoples think? Knowing that ya sooo gonna get ya asses kicked back to the stone age? Whilst ye may have won the world cup..... That doesn't count for much Ye should feel lucky that you don't have to face the top provinsol team in the land, Canterbury... Alas I digress... Your soon to be named "losers tour" will fail.... Leading NZ to become the world rugy champions of the world once more muhahahaha fadeout to evil laughter.... If you do not know of I speak then all ya need to know is the UK is gonna get smashed.
  8. Fans and players don't mix. I know I'd get pissed if some spectator started taunting me durning a whole game... But none the less this behaviour isn't really acceptable yet....
  9. Forever the Brotherhood will rule! :roll:
  10. Nope I was using it recently its ok. Kinda slow. And when ever I closed their stupid browser it killed the connection..
  11. PS version is the same as the computer version isn't it? :?
  12. Not mine. Was in the CNCNZ.COM avater gallery. :!:
  13. )

    c&C on ps2 why not

    Game Cube = Purple Purple = Gay Gay = Stupidly nice and funny Stupidly nice and funny = Bottled in emotions Bottled in emotions = Big Bang Big bang = Bad Therefore Game Cubes are bad. :wink: