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    [SPOILER] Scrin Missions.....

    yeah its frustrating the game is going under balancing though. EA made it hard.
  2. DaveRomino90

    Has anyone heard of World Domination?

    idk man it sounds just like cnc 3
  3. DaveRomino90

    Do you guys play C&C3?

    I play a lot of skirmishes games with the new maps people are making with world builder and giving feed back.
  4. DaveRomino90

    Suggestions To EA

    :/ rather them take their time then rush it out. I feel like they rushed the game out now and theirs balancing problems and online severs problem. The 360 version of the game seems so much better because they had more time on it. I originally made the topic just spark a conversation and see what people want out of EA and what they think could make your tiberium wars experience better. It's been interesting reading this.
  5. DaveRomino90

    kane after tiberian sun

    It's either that or maybe he's transmitting him self with digitalized face and making it look like his face is fine. Think about you don't want your leader scared it makes him look weak.
  6. DaveRomino90

    Suggestions To EA

    with all do respect...if EA doesn't rush out a patch they have plenty of time to do all this. It's just programming I know programing is hard but they get paid to do it. Don't they want the best product if they can't do this for TW make it for a possible expansion or CnC4 if thier is one. No. If you take out stuff, put in, modify already what the game has (besides like cost, the little stuff) then you might draw some new people that are interested (ie: you) but you might totally piss the **** off people already playing. If you do that, it goes down hill, they don't recommend it, or return it, etc. What's in a final product they don't mess with the BIG STUFF EVER. I don't remember anytime that they did a total make over of something in a patch. They'd have to create a new model for the titan, add animations, sounds, etc for it. Adding more options to the multiplayer is maybe doable but again, hassle and I believe they'd have to do stuff to their -already bad- netcode. It's a ****ing huge hassle for EA and IT IS too late for that kind of stuff... Now price and stuff is considered part of balancing, so that will be modified periodically, but the some of the stuff you want you will never see in a patch, maybe the expansion or new C&C. And just to counter-point the "walk-around tiberium thing"... Then why even BOTHER to make tiberium HURT infantry? Seriously? Don't be a dumbass and make your troops walk through it. I believe C&C 3 has way points. dude why not way you put it thats like a treat and goody for everyone who bought the game. That would be sweet not for nothing but EA shouldn't lazy with their products they can be 20 times better if they put a little more quality in their title. Honestly their my favorite game company I hope they get better and better. You got great games like FREEDOM FIGHTERS BURNOUT MADDEN BONDS, MEDAL OF HONOR ,Battlefield good stuff. With the units walking threw the tiberium. When you have shadow team strike going on and your sending in commando and grenade thrower don't have time to way point a direction. The AI suppose to be smart in this game their looking retarded if they walk threw something so dangerous it is "tiberium wars"
  7. DaveRomino90

    Suggestions To EA

    with all do respect...if EA doesn't rush out a patch they have plenty of time to do all this. It's just programming I know programing is hard but they get paid to do it. Don't they want the best product if they can't do this for TW make it for a possible expansion or CnC4 if thier is one.
  8. DaveRomino90

    Do EA have their priorities right?

    True I was impressed with how fast those patches went out. I quoted you sonic and put this thread on EA support forums people thier had a mixed a reaction. A lot of people are feeling like it's not EA fault. However some do I feel maybe EA should of released this game in May like the 360 verison because that one seems to look better by seeing the Xbox live game on that video.
  9. Well of course this is not the PSP that could just get the data from the other PSP...Im impressed your wife would wanna play.
  10. DaveRomino90

    Suggestions To EA

    I know you guys are working on balancing the game my suggestion are -obviously lower costs of units -Put more options on the multilayer maps. Example have an option to have cranes and mini mvc's, I've tested game with out them and they are VERY longer so for people wanting longer games do not use them. If your on the internet make it a no crane game. -Make the map more interactive like players could be able to garrison on civilian vehicles to like an apc. -I know this is pushing it but see if you could make the TS husks like the titan playable like juggernaut or avatar. -Make units become vescriods when they die. It should be penalty and hurt the playing for making him put units threw the tiberium. Also brings the world to life more interaction. Also work on making the units try to walk around it. If they could cover around buildings walking around tiberium should be simple coding. -Lastly make the superweapons shorter I've never seen someone actually use one. The game is over by the time they are even built. -If units destroy blue tiberium then you have an ion storm form the scrin's harvester ion storm ability is pretty cool however give the option to the player it adds more strategy and risk by using the blue tiberium. EA I hope this helps you with your patch and anyone here see if you can add on discuss what EA should do for this patch. Maybe they'll read it maybe they won't but it's better thread than others around here. -me This is a thread I made in the EA support forum. I wanted to see the opinions over here.
  11. DaveRomino90

    Do EA have their priorities right?

    honestly I'm upset I bought the game and now I have wait for them to change it with this balance patch. I wished EA would of taken their time put the smalls things in like westwood did with creatures the tiberium gases being able to take old cnc units, and umm even get civilians cars. I wish their was more mutants and side stories as well. I felt like it misses stuff about the gap from TS to TW
  12. DaveRomino90

    Cant Transfer Map :s

    any solutions???? hint hint modder ppl..or Sonic lol
  13. DaveRomino90

    Cant Transfer Map :s

    Don't know I'm having problem being able to play the maps. I can figure out how they go on skirmish. Since my Online is messed up with patch 1.4