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  1. kraft

    Upgrade Time Is Nearing...

    You might aswell get a 9600gt now that the price has just dropped recently, thanks to the 9800 gx2s which are superior to anyuthing out on the market at the moment
  2. kraft

    Upcoming Sequels and You

    KW, RA3, GTA4, Monkey Island 5(not due til 2015 i believe ), Gears of War 2
  3. kraft

    Now Playing - Music

    In Flames - Sleepless Again
  4. kraft

    What's in your Rig?

    Just recently brought the 9600gt quite bummed out though cause it dropped 60 bucks in price a week or so after i got it... oh well
  5. kraft

    Scratched Disc

    Well if you download the game you're not exactly violation that as long as you still use your product key. Also it always comes down to what the law is about that sort of thing in your country/state, I'm pretty sure Australian and New Zealand software laws are way less harsh than those in say the US
  6. kraft

    XBox 360 C&C 3 Patch Status

    Retaliation on PS was the only RTS I found worthy to play on console.
  7. worked on firefox for me
  8. kraft

    Congats C&C 3 and EA!

    It's nearly jumped a million minutes
  9. I just use this http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Down...ownloader.shtml It converts it into .mpg or .avi itself
  10. kraft

    GBASE Interview Joe Kucan

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. kraft

    sound problem

    You must have an enivronment set in your sounds options, if you run a sound application in the background of your PC it will be set in that..usually the sound app will have a icon in the bottom right in the task bar if you find where it is and click into it you should be able to see a environment setting and youll have to set it back to normal. or if theres a default button in there click that instead
  12. kraft

    Congats C&C 3 and EA!

    When I buy a game I expect not to pay fees to actually keep playing it :shock:
  13. 45 mins :shock: Mine took around 5 mins, I was beginning to think the installation failed cause the copying files progress bar sat all the way across for a few mins
  14. They shouldve atleast came in a tin or something like the supreme commander special edition..I wasn't too impressed with the case it came in but meh, I wouldn't even know it was a special edition if it didnt say Kane Edition under the title in smallish writing
  15. Youre gona get crap performance with a 64 mb video card. so youll have to get use to playing it on the lowest video settings If the PC youre planning to use is too old youre going to have a problem finding RAM for it, my old PC was only made in 2001 and the RAM it uses is more exspensive than nearly all the RAM out at the moment