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  1. I am a stump! AMA

  2. well then the crew needs more ski trips. btw who won the elections?

  3. mormreed

    StarCraft II Officially Delayed To 2010

    I'm just waiting for the riot reports in Korea, it's the equivalent of saying you're gonna make baseball 2.0 in the US and delaying it XD
  4. mormreed

    Games to get - 2009

    YES cannot wait for this, looks even more epic than NHL 09 and other games I'm waiting for: Modern Warfare 2 (picked up Modern Warfare for the PS3 and I've never loved a shooter so much) Assassin's Creed II (Still working on finishing number one but I've only finished one game ever... The original Jak and Daxter XD) Guitar Hero 5 (Saw a preview today and it looks amazing)
  5. mormreed

    Desktop CPU Thread

    I have what I think is a simple question, what is this whole turbo thing?
  6. mormreed

    Pic of the Day

    It's those damn machines trying to get us again, the robots will come, and you'll be sorry you didn't listen to my fear mongering ways
  7. mormreed

    Video of the day

    I like the T-Shirt Launcher Inventor and Rolling Cooler Cooler Roller Bud Light Commercials the best something about those makes me laugh my ass off every time XD cheers me up at work a bit
  8. mormreed

    Homeless first class travel!

    They could also be used as a solution to the US's seemingly ever growing energy needs
  9. mormreed

    I Wish I Had A Better Title...

    Yeah I don't throw stuff out... I feel guilty if I throw stuff out, feels like a waste of money -.- but I did just pick up a 24" monitor off Newegg (Yes it was the one on special for $220, that dropped to $200 the day it arrived -.-) Using it for the PS3, haven't had a good HD screen to use it with so it just blew my mind. Monitor: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16824009167 And as far as bowling goes... Yeah... I think I'm gonna let that one go XD it is fun though as long as it is not taken seriously...
  10. New Divide was way too hyped up around Transformers -.- The song is good but not that amazing
  11. mormreed

    No LAN for SCII

    Even if a patch isn't released or it isn't included in the shipped copies then someone will definitely come up with a hack to allow it, no matter how much time and effort Blizzard puts into disabling LAN somebody will be desperate enough to hack it somehow.
  12. mormreed


    Colbert is defined by his truthiness
  13. mormreed

    Now Playing - Music

    The Sick Puppies - You're Going Down
  14. is that windows 7? or some crazy switched up version of XP/Vista?
  15. mormreed

    Pic of the Day

    Irony... the best humor XD
  16. mormreed


    wow you know your pi math joke XD
  17. mormreed

    Pic of the Day

    that's pretty sick O_O
  18. mormreed

    Now Playing - Music

    Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug
  19. mormreed

    Pic of the Day

    funny for a programmer
  20. mormreed

    Video of the day

    DD, that was absolutely beautiful LMFAO
  21. mormreed


    that reminds me of some flying game for the PS2, basically the story was NY and the rest of the US was completely flooded under over 100 feet of water and almost the only thing you could see was the statue of liberty, it was a terrible game but I remember the statue of liberty XD
  22. That looks so sick O_O but it kind of looks very photoshopped, just the clouds
  23. Saw the Colbert Report on this, it was great, he had a clip of some scientist saying "This isn't our grand-grand-grand-grand grandmother, it's more like out grand-grand-grand-grand-grand aunt" and then someone photoshopped it onto a picture of some old lady as Colbert is saying "I have a grand-grand-grand-grand-grand aunt and she does not look anything like that, I'll look for the clip EDIT: http://media.mtvnservices.com/global/apps/....net&geo=US that's the entire show, it has it in clips, the clip after the intro is the clip I'm talking about, it's hilarious
  24. mormreed

    Video of the day

    I want the soundtrack more than the movie right now XD